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Unlocking Time Management and Prioritization Secrets

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Key Highlights

  • Maintaining one's wellbeing to avoid burnout is incredibly important and emphasized often. Wellbeing has a significant impact on individual lives and organizational risk. Organizations lose a substantial amount of productivity due to job-related stress. 
  • Leverage internal power and energy to enhance productivity. Build protocols incorporating external tools and internal elements, leading to a more holistic view of productivity focused on wellbeing.  
  • Inspire others to live authentically, reclaiming time, energy, and identity. It's crucial to show up in leadership roles in an authentic way.   

Hana Jacover

As a dynamic leadership and executive coach, Hana is passionate about empowering leaders to thrive in next-gen business environments. Raised by two accomplished executive coaches and organizational development practitioners, Hana is naturally committed and driven to empower professionals and organizations to reach new heights through strategic insights, personal growth, and effective collaboration. With 12 years of consulting and marketing leadership experience, Hana has a proven track record of guiding tech executives and their teams from companies like Microsoft, SAP Concur, and Google to deliver transformative, award-winning marketing and revenue growth strategies. She is a sought-after mentor and advisor for SaaS organizations and serves as a Board Member for Women In Revenue. Hana is recognized for her thought leadership in marketing, leadership development, and DEI initiatives