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The First Step to ABM is Activation

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Key Highlights

  • There are three core reasons why ABM fails. The first is a need for more sales and marketing alignment. This issue leads to inefficiencies and missed opportunities in ABM strategies. The second is that there’s no clear ownership of ABM. The lack of clear ownership can lead to a lack of accountability and direction in ABM efforts. The third is having overly complex strategies. Simplifying and focusing on core elements will be more beneficial.   
  • Marketing imposes additional and significant responsibilities on sales, expecting one marketing manager to execute ABM single-handedly. The common misstep involves investing in an extensive new tech stack without securing buy-in from the sales team, resulting in a non-functional ABM program.   
  • To succeed with ABM, you need to start small. This approach involves simplicity—leveraging existing technology and data while beginning with a small-scale implementation. Essential to this strategy is creating an activation play, a trigger-based playbook guiding the sales team on prioritization based on specific actions indicating customer intent. The trigger-based playbook might include using existing first-party data, optimizing tech gaps and strategic filling, building outbound sequences, etc. 

Mason Cosby

Mason is the Founder of Scrappy ABM. He specializes in building ABM programs on low budgets that drive high impact. Serving as the Marketing Lead at numerous boutique, bootstrapped businesses, Mason has Sourced over $3.38M in the past 2 years, driving a 15X ROI. If you are looking for no-nonsense practical marketing execution that drives revenue, Mason Cosby can provide guidance on practical low-tech ways for growth.