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Take Back Control of Your Go-to-Market and Get Revenue Growing 

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Key Highlights

  • Businesses must innovate to generate revenue, using a people-first GTM strategy that prioritizes individuals. 
  • Seven strategies to understand your GTM  
    • Partner-led growth is where the emphasis is on prioritizing people; collaboration strategies encompass co-marketing, co-selling, and co-influencing.   
    • Community-led growth is about increasing engagement and creating demand by focusing on influence, trust, and people.   
    • Member-led growth involves the creation of a community, leveraging first-party data for personalized experiences.   
    • Customer-led growth prioritizes value, reciprocity, and the voice of the customer for deeper education.   
    • Content-led growth revolves around teaching, inspiring, and providing actionable and helpful content, extending beyond traditional content to include media, education, stories, and value delivery.   
    • Event-led growth adds richness to data, emphasizing authentic interactions to enhance engagement.   
    • Product-led growth focuses on providing ease of access, use, and purchase, encouraging more usage for increased value in a data-driven approach.   

Mark Kilens

Mark is the CEO and Co-founder of TACK, a media network and go-to-market firm helping businesses create, capture, and convert demand into revenue. TACK helps B2B organizations transform how they grow using our proprietary People-first GTM model and approach. He previously was CMO of Airmeet, a leading virtual and hybrid event platform. He oversaw Airmeet’s global marketing team responsible for brand, demand, lifecycle, and product marketing. When he’s not at Airmeet, Mark enjoys plenty of steak and lobster, a round of golf or two, and loves being on snow or in the ocean. Go fast, take chances!