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Overcoming the Buyer’s Mental Spam Filter

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Key Highlights

  • Most people delete, using mental spam filters, within 3 seconds, emphasizing the need for brevity to capture attention. With an average email reading time of just 9 seconds and a staggering 96% of emails being automated, the ultimate challenge is to break through the noise.   
  • Research suggests personalization is key, with personalized emails receiving a remarkable 1200% more replies. Adopting a buyer-centric mindset is crucial. 
  • Shortening cold emails to 50 words or less can boost replies by 83% while maintaining a 3rd-5th-degree reading level increases the likelihood of a reply by 67%.   
  • Use the PS Section. Strategically placing personalized information in the PS section, leading to a 26% increase in responses, highlighting the importance of concise, personalized, and strategically crafted cold emails. 

Jen Allen-Knuth

Jen  was the Chief Evangelist at Challenger Inc. and host of the Winning the Challenger Sale podcast. In 2022, she led Community Growth for Lavender AI, and founded her speaking business, DemandJen. Jen works with Sales teams to help them stop losing deals to status quo, price, or no-decision. She spent the last 18 years selling and advising CEOs, Chief Sales Officers and Chief Marketing Officers, for Challenger Inc, Corporate Executive Board (CEB) and Gartner. Jen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Pennsylvania State University and resides in the Chicago suburbs.