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Megadeals in the Enterprise SaaS Space

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Key Highlights

  • Rainmakers are crucial. They are mindful of the potential success and failure of deals. The dynamics of politics play a significant role, especially in large B2B deals, shaping the landscape where sales and marketing intersect.
  • Performance levels dictate strategic roles, with low performers typically directed toward lead generation, while high performers navigate existing customer relationships, pipeline management, and subsequently lead generation.
  • The discipline of megadeals encompasses five key cornerstones: 
    • Alignment with key initiatives is imperative for success.  
    • A comprehensive understanding and mapping of the ecosystem in which the deals unfold are essential.  
    • Creating consensus at scale becomes a pivotal aspect of the approach.  
    • The strategy involves finding and developing a Trojan horse—a strategic entry point for success.  
    • The discipline emphasizes the need to proactively mitigate customer risk, solidifying these cornerstones as integral components of a successful strategy. 

Christopher Engman

Christopher is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and a two time author. He owns and co-owns more than 20 companies. Some of those are; Founder Retain24, Taxisystem (now KKR), Vendemore (now D&B), Megadeals, Minestorage, Forestcarb, Qurator. They are a combination of Cleantech companies and SaaS companies. Christopher also started the world’s first account-based-marketing company.