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Integrating Programmatic with PPC and Paid Social

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Key Highlights

  • Ensure the money you spend on marketing helps your company grow. It's important to look at how much you're spending and how much it's helping. Use unique methods like multi-touch attributions to determine which parts of your marketing work best.  
  • Closed-loop attribution is a helpful way to see the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. It helps you make intelligent decisions to get the best results and value for your money.  
  • Marketing today is incredibly complex and constantly changing. Companies must use advanced marketing strategies and programmatic systems to reach as many people as possible.  
  • Use first, second, and third-party data to gain more understanding of target audiences. This will allow you to create strong messages across various platforms, raising awareness of your products and encouraging purchases.  
  • The use of third-party data in advanced advertising is crucial. This data is carefully selected and can be customized to meet your specific objectives. It helps you identify the best target groups. 

Julianne Martin

Julianne is a Partner and CMO at Above The Fold (getabovethefold.com), a Programmatic Advertising Agency. She has worked in the digital marketing industry for 15 years. She has gained experience in Programmatic Advertising, PPC, Paid Social, Affiliate, SEO and Social Media as well as Cross-channel Strategy and Attribution. Julianne has witnessed firsthand the ongoing changes in the industry and has helped her clients to navigate them towards each one’s unique goals. Julianne earned her International MBA at University of Denver in 2010. She spent the majority of her career driving growth within marketing agencies. This includes five years as Director at The Great Online, six years at Rakuten Advertising and 1.5 years as VP of Operations and Marketing at Adigma.io. She is a self proclaimed “marketing nerd” who really prefers to listen to marketing podcasts at the gym (but will give in to some true crime)! Julianne spends her free time with her two kids, meeting friends for coffee, hiking in Utah’s mountains and loves jumping in the car for a road trip!