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I Spoke with 50 People about How They Build Sales Tech

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Key Highlights

  • The buying process in B2B environments has dramatically changed, becoming more consumer centric. Sales and marketing teams will then need to adapt their strategies accordingly.  
  • The digital age has introduced new efficiencies in sales processes, allowing for better measurement, management, and improvement of various sales activities.  
  • Proper integration of sales technology is crucial. If done correctly, it can accelerate pipeline and revenue production. However, if mismanaged, it can become a hindrance, leading to disorganization and inefficiency.  
  • The sales technology market is vast and sometimes overwhelming. Understanding and categorizing these technologies is essential for practical use.  
  • It's important to set up the entire demand generation funnel with the understanding that most of the sales process occurs before the demo stage. Providing context and fitting solutions into the client's 'jobs to be done' is key. 

David Dulany

David Dulany is the Founder & CEO of Tenbound, the leading research and advisory firm focused on intelligence and insights to grow your sales pipeline and revenue. Advisory services include SDR program assessments, SDR playbook design, SDR and SD Manager training and coaching. Tenbound has received a 5-star rating on G2. Check it out at tenbound.com.