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How to Utilize LinkedIn to Increase Your Revenue

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Key Highlights

  • Becoming known, liked, and trusted by your ideal customer profile is essential. Actively engage with your audience to gain attention and make your content and profile relevant.  
  • There is a necessity to have a sales system in place, particularly for businesses operating on LinkedIn. Leveraging a comprehensive system is crucial for building a business, especially regarding brand awareness and executive presence online.   
  • Create irresistible offers and develop signature solutions crucial for converting leads into customers and referral machines. 
  • Have a sales system in place, especially on platforms like LinkedIn. This system should be comprehensive, covering various aspects of brand building and lead conversion. Use LinkedIn to increase brand awareness and executive eminence.  
  • Use technology and outsource specific tasks to enhance business operations. By doing so, you can leverage technology to do what you do best more efficiently and effectively.   

Thomas Helfrich

Thomas is the CEO and founder of InstantlyRelevant.com. He is a forward-thinking company that specializes in LinkedIn lead generation, inventive marketing services harnessed by AI, and social media strategy and coaching. Thomas is also the author of the "Never Been Promoted" book series and host of the "Never Been Promoted" podcast, a platform where he delves into the entrepreneur journey, discussing the process of unraveling, liberating, and igniting the entrepreneurial spirit. Thomas has earned the nickname "AI Nerd," hosting the AI Nerd YouTube channel, where he showcases his deep fascination with and understanding of AI systems. His professional path, which spans over two decades, includes consultancy, advisory roles, and entrepreneurship. Among the notable highlights of Thomas' career is his tenure as the Chief Innovation Officer for a billion-dollar US-based service company. Even though he never been promoted, he has accumulated a wealth of expertise in AI Systems and Intelligent Automation.