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How to Run an Effective LinkedIn Ads

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Key Highlights

  • LinkedIn advertising requires a strategic approach that balances awareness and demand generation. It's a platform where educational content is critical to creating demand, starting with a broad scope and gradually narrowing down.   
  • It's essential to recognize that not all users will click on LinkedIn ads, and some aspects of advertising on this platform may not be measurable in the same way. Many are skilled at LinkedIn ads but struggle to integrate this with CRM data to understand activities lower in the sales funnel.  
  • Set clear goals and measurement strategies with different scaling approaches for direct response and brand awareness campaigns. Consistent campaign names and UTM sources help in tracking, and the focus should be on measuring the influence on leads, deals, and revenue.  
  • There were tests with numerous companies running LinkedIn ads alongside sales efforts. The results of these tests led to increased conversion rates with existing target accounts. 

Jonathan Bland

Jonathan is a Co-Founder of OmniLabs. Over the last 14+ years, he has worked for 4 VC backed SaaS companies, consulted with more than 100+, helped 1 get acquired,  reach unicorn status, and has helped them generate millions in net revenue. Jonathan has also seen a handful of those startups go out of business...including his own SaaS business so hhe knows many of the mistakes.

Jason Steele

Jason is a co-founder of Omni Lab Consulting, is an accomplished marketing expert with an impressive track record in the B2B SaaS industry. With a deep-rooted passion for technology, innovation, and growth, Jason's expertise lies in crafting and implementing advanced marketing strategies that drive significant growth and value for companies. His core passion extends beyond just professional growth, with a keen interest in psychology, mindset, personal development, health, and nutrition. Jason firmly believes in the power of holistic growth, aligning personal and professional development to maximize potential. His deep-rooted interest in personal growth empowers him to help others achieve their goals, thereby creating a cycle of mutual success and progression.