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How to get Marketing & Sales Speaking the Same Language

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Key Highlights

  • Matthew and Scott discuss the importance of integrated teams and better coordination between marketing and sales. They leverage sales insights in marketing strategies, establishing effective feedback loops between marketing and sales.
  • Build scalable marketing programs, breaking down silos between marketing and sales, and establishing structured feedback loops.
  • These insights emphasize the need for a collaborative and data-informed approach, where both marketing and sales teams work closely to understand customer personas, refine the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and develop scalable strategies.
  • Less than 40% of companies have an effective feedback loop between marketing and sales. Improving this communication is essential for strategic planning and the evolution of the organizations.
  • The focus is on using qualitative and quantitative data to build trust, improve overall strategy, ensure regular communication about effective tactics, and prepare sales for customer engagements.

Matthew Ward

Matthew is a Managing Director & Partner for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He works extensively within the Marketing/Sales/Pricing (MSP) and Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) teams. Given his extensive background in GTM, he is focused on helping lead the Next Generation Sales Topic (NGS) and Digital Sales Accelerator (DSA). These rolls consist of data-driven sales processes, operations, and demand generation aligned to the customer journey, producing extensive growth compared with traditional GTM methods. Prior to BCG, Matthew spent more than 10 years working for a SaaS startup beginning at ~30 people, seeing it through to a massively successful IPO. During that time, he held many different strategic roles and as with any startup, he wore multiple hats and had my hands in the cross-functional cookie jar. His time at Everbridge is what MBA case studies are made of. Matthew now invests and loves to help advise other startups.

Scott Rhodes

Scott is currently an Associate Director at Boston Consulting Group. He is a seasoned executive with 20+ years of experience at the intersection marketing, sales, and customer teams driving organizational growth. Scott is passionate about building high performing metrics-focused and performance-driven marketing organizations. He built E2E growth capabilities and programs for Fortune 100 companies, unifying marketing and sales strategies, tactics, cross functional teaming and metrics around common objectives and key results. Scott is a hands-on marketer with expertise tailored to full lifecycle programs across demand generation, acquisition, nurture, sales enablement, conversion, and customer growth. He has proven experience managing P&L, budgeting, EBITDA growth, and strategic/operational/tactic KPIs.