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How to Blend ABM and Demand Gen to Drive More Revenue 

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Key Highlights

  • When dealing with different buyers in an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, it's important to divide engagement activities between sales and marketing teams. These activities include engaging in social media, hosting events, re-targeting campaigns, sourcing ABM accounts, etc. Teams can focus on their strengths and target the right people more effectively.   
  • There is a need to research and understand target buyers thoroughly. Understanding this helps confirm hypotheses about market movements and buyer needs, which is crucial for tailoring marketing and sales strategies.  
  • The goal of ABM is to generate awareness across the entire buying committee, addressing each member's various needs and concerns. ABM is key to engaging potential high-value deals that still need to convert.   
  • Even after selecting the best possible accounts that show high engagement and intent, it's crucial to continue nurturing these accounts until they are ready to buy. This ongoing engagement helps maintain the brand's position as a top provider.  
  • Look at the whole picture in ABM, focusing on more than just top-of-funnel activities. Consider customer success, advocacy, and expansion opportunities post-deal.   
  • Create top-notch content that aligns with the buyer's journey, addressing buyers' questions and objections as they progress through their decision-making process.   

Vladimir Blagojević

Vladimir is the co-founder of Fullfunnel.io where they help B2B tech brands implement full-funnel marketing operations to drive awareness & demand, and land 5+ figure opportunities with 20%+ of target accounts. His past experiences include founding Grant Snap, co-founding Growth Hacking (Belgium), Founding Scale XL, Co-founding Trenches, and his current position as co-founder of FullFunnel.io.