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Gain Customers’ Trust in 7 Seconds

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Key Highlights

  • There are many challenges when capturing customers' attention in the competitive sales and marketing arena. The focus is on the crucial role of brand recognition and awareness.  
  • Maintaining awareness of both personal and corporate brands is essential. Representing roles such as CEO, founder, or sales/marketing professional requires a blend of these elements to establish trust, authenticity, reliability, and client transparency.  
  • Engaging with clients authentically is emphasized, focusing on delivering quality and value. Recognizing that clients are inundated with information and seeking sincere, thoughtful interactions is essential.  
  • The importance of a robust online presence is highlighted, particularly for company founders and leaders. Such a presence aids in being recognized as a leader and ensures a consistent brand image.  
  • When communicating in B2B interactions, personalization is crucial, particularly in email. Avoid generic messages and tailor communication to build trust and engagement. 

Vladislav Podolyako

As the founder and CEO of Belkins and Folderly, Vladislav has over ten years of experience in building and growing service companies. Additionally, he has worked with SaaS startups in SalesTech and MarTech. He is passionate about creating, building, and marketing innovative products and ideas that solve real problems and generate value for customers. Furthermore, Vladislav is also a partner and investor in several other tech ventures, such as InSoft Partners, Wordstir, GigRadar, Winc Wines, and Cloudfresh. He leverages his expertise in online marketing, strategy, digital marketing, and email solutions to support and advise these businesses and projects. Vladislav remains engaged in the tech industry through media publications, webinars, podcasts, professional events, and collaborations with other industry leaders