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GA4: Are You Doing It Wrong?

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Key Highlights

  • There is a need for marketing professionals to prove their impact and measure their performance, demonstrating the value of marketing efforts to the overall business.
  • The significance of using customers' behavioral data is a valuable resource for understanding and responding to customer needs and preferences.
  • New data architectures like Google Analytics 4 promise to facilitate more profound, more meaningful data analysis, enabling more informed and fearless decision-making based on customer and prospect preferences.
  • Analysis of user behavior on a website can significantly increase revenue.
  • The evolution from traditional web analytics to a more comprehensive data ecosystem encompassing various platforms like Facebook and programmatic advertising requires a deeper understanding of how people interact with a brand across different platforms.

Mia Umanos

Mia is a 15-year veteran of marketing analytics. She grew her career from Junior of Analytics to Director of Analytics inside Omnicom and JWT agencies. Her talent for balancing math and human empathy turns her projects into gold. She lifted revenue $4M in 90 days through conversion rate optimization. Through that, she created a sustained 40% increase in ad revenue for a major publisher, and won a Google News Initiative data grant for a Nobel Peace Prize winner.