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Customer Generation

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Key Highlights

  • Leaders succeeding in B2B software marketing prioritize brand messaging and distribution. 
  • Work with sales and product teams to understand current enterprise customers and integrate this knowledge into marketing copy to resonate more effectively with the target audience.  
  • Many marketing leaders still prioritize lead volume and MQLs instead of taking responsibility for driving revenue and acquiring customers. They must align their marketing efforts with sales and focus on generating revenue throughout the customer lifecycle. 
  • Learn how much money a business can spend to get a new customer without losing money. Use benchmark data and insights to inform opinions at the channel and pipeline levels.  
  • Get customers interested and ready to buy. Advertising on LinkedIn includes a strategic allocation of budget and psychological approaches. 

Garrett Mehrguth

Garrett serves as the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Directive Consulting, a leading performance marketing agency. Garrett’s deep fascination with the transformative power of search marketing has propelled Directive’s growth and influence. Since the start of Directive in 2014, Garrett has guided Directive’s expansion into international markets. These markets include the UK, Canada and LATAM. This strategic move has resulted in an impressive year over year growth rate of 300 percent. Today, Directive boasts a diverse team of more than 130 professionals, all over the world from, USA, LATAM, Canada, and London. Outside of his professional endeavors, Garrett balances his life with a passion for the ocean, enjoying sailing and fishing alongside his wife. His commitment to both his work and personal interests make him a dynamic figure in the performance marketing world.