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B2B Buyers’ Journey: How Sellers can Align and Win 

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Key Highlights

  • Navigating the evolving B2B buyer journey requires sellers to recognize the nuanced dynamics at play. A mere 3% of B2B buyers are actively considering purchases, highlighting a small window of opportunity for sellers. A substantial 77% of B2B buyers describe their latest purchases as complex and difficult.  
  • With only 4.4% of top-of-funnel inquiries converting, and a mere 0.03% progressing to a close or win. Sellers must proactively engage buyers by going where buyers can discover and learn about solutions to their problems.  
  • To effectively align and influence buyers, sellers must comprehend the intricacies of the buyers' industry, company, and their movements on the seller's website.  
  • By measuring buyer behavior, sellers can impact key performance indicators and metrics positively, resulting in more qualified leads, higher opportunity conversion rates, a shorter sales cycle, and ultimately greater deal sizes.  


Kris is a purpose-driven professional helping B2B companies elevate their sales performance. He has hands-on expertise in orchestrating strategy, methodology and technology to deliver meaningful results. Kris is well known for fostering trust, relationships and performance amongst multi-culture, multi-discipline and multi-country business environments. He has been part of Tech industry (IT, Software and SaaS) start-ups, scale-ups and mid-market vendors. Kris has helped accelerate learning, fail fast & fail forward and succeed at scale. He accomplished revenue goals in the range of $2M - $20M, as well as helped global brands navigate digital transformation; Verizon, Scotia Bank, ING, TUI, AON, TMF, Metro, Toys R Us, Sears, Landmark Group, Airtel. Vodafone, Etisalat. He has global experience and has previously lived/worked in India, Middle East, US and now Australia (Sydney).