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Artificial Intelligence in Sales

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Key Highlights

  • A common oversight in sales and marketing strategies is the long-term neglect of the buyer's experience. Neglect has significant repercussions, as it impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
  • Dr. Hvar Dover's book on the Sales Innovation Paradox, discusses the impact of different technologies in sales and suggests that while some technologies have minimal impact, they are still prioritized over more effective solutions. 
  • There's a preference for traditional methods including hiring more salespeople or increasing call and email volume, rather than investing in technology and innovation. Limiting the potential benefits that could be achieved through more modern, innovative strategies. 
  • The increasing adoption of AI in sales is the fastest growing spend category. It urges sales and marketing professionals to prepare for the widespread adoption of AI in their fields.  
  • Understand where to start with AI in sales and marketing. Professionals should focus on elevating themselves to the next level by embracing AI, especially to avoid being replaced in an incredibly automated world.  

Amarpreet Kalkat

Amarpreet is the founder and CEO of Humantic AI. He believes that when used correctly, AI can be a force multiplier for sales teams. He’s spent the last decade building two highly acclaimed AI startups: the first named an AI-enabled consumer intelligence leader by Forrester, and the current one termed a “technology that could reshape the world” by The Wall Street Journal.