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Key Highlights

  • ABM's success hinges on collaboration across the sales organization, including roles from sales VPs to inside reps. ABM requires team-wide commitment and alignment for effective execution. Content is a significant part of ABM, catering to various buyer types.   
  • Securing top-level executive buy-in from CEOs and COOs is crucial for aligning sales teams with ABM strategies, as their directives influence team engagement and implementation.  
  • Practice segmenting and tiering customers for targeted marketing efforts. Categorize customers into broad-based groups, ABM light targets, and highly targeted big accounts, each receiving different marketing programs and tactics.  
  • Implementing ABM through pilot programs is an approach that allows for demonstrating success in smaller segments of the sales organization before a full-scale rollout. It involves working with progressive regional leaders or sales reps to establish successful models. 

Kristy Morris

Kristy is an experienced marketing executive who is looking to pivot from that Data Storage Industry to the Cyber Security Industry. She has successfully completed the University of Colorado's, Cyber Security Boot Camp and am ready to make a difference in a company that is making our world a more secure place! With over 25 years of experience in marketing enterprise products and technology solutions, Kristy has a proven track record of developing and executing demand generation programs that deliver profitable results. She led and built global marketing teams that can implement integrated B2B marketing plans, including direct, ABM, channel, field, and digital marketing.

Jeremy Sporn

Jeremy is the President at Royce Brook Media. He helps B2B companies generate as many leads as they want by implementing their own in-house lead gen engine. Jeremy's prior experience includes the position of Director of Marketing at Pivot Point Security. He also obtained a position as a Senior Account Manager at Impact Unlimited. In 2010, his first post-college career move was taking on the title of District Manager at Automatic Data Processing, and others.

Mariah West

Mariah is the accomplished and dynamic Vice President of Marketing at ViB. ViB is a leading and trusted B2B demand generation partner known for its unwavering commitment to connecting tech providers with potential buyers. They carry on a legacy that was built and sustained over the course of more than a decade. Through innovative and proprietary approaches, ViB has successfully cultivated a millions-strong community of decision makers and end-users. They are not passive, but actively engaged in the exciting realm of discovering new technologies and emerging companies that will shape the future. ViB leverages a comprehensive range of B2B services, including appointment setting, email marketing, and deterministic targeting. ViB plays a pivotal role in assisting B2B technology companies in forging the warmest and most productive path into their target accounts. They ensure continued growth and success in the competitive tech market landscape.