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3 Ways to Effectively Engage with Executive Level Prospects

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Key Highlights

  • The conventional sales funnel has become obsolete in today's dynamic business landscape. Its inward-looking nature, centered on what sellers wish to sell and how they want to sell it and relegates the buyer to an afterthought.
  • A 21st-century sales approach shifts towards a buyer-focused model that prioritizes the buyer experience. To effectively implement this approach, understand your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).  
  • Establish a clear brand promise detailing what customers can expect from your business that sets up the buyer's expectations. Additionally, providing comprehensive product descriptions and a robust value proposition ensures engagement.  
  • To effectively engage and fend off competitors and provide a superior customer experience, a winning sales proposal process is essential. This buyer-centric strategy marks a departure from the outdated sales funnel, aligning more closely with the demands of the contemporary market.

Peter Strohkorb

Peter is a leading expert in sales advisory, training, and coaching in Australia, USA, APAC and in Europe. With over 25 years of experience in sales, Peter has specialized in creating buyer focused sales funnels that improve buyer experience, sales performance, and revenue growth. From securing new multi-million-dollar revenue accounts, to driving member revenue growth year-on-year, Peter's buyer-focused selling approach and his exceptional coaching skills make him a trailblazer in the sales industry. Peter is the author of two books on modern sales & marketing, and is the co-author of German a book based on innovative organizational leadership. All three books are available on Amazon. Peter is a family man with 1 wife, 3 kids, and 1 dog. He enjoys going to the gym, cooking, and fine wine. But, unlike his wife, he doesn’t like jogging.