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Decoding AI: Exploring its Everday Applications

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Key Highlights

  • Difference between AI and generative AI 
  • Understand LLM and ML 
  • There are four areas we should be talking about with the challenges of AI and ethical considerations 
    • Bias. Whatever you train it on, that's what it will learn.  
    • Privacy: The use of PII data may be governed a lot more than it has in the past 
    • Accountability: Who’s responsible when AI makes a mistake 
    • Transparency: AI decisions can be understood by humans 

Scott Logan

Scott is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kronolic. His skills in marketing management, communication training, budget management, marketing leadership and others has helped take him to companies such as MetTel, Insidesales, Revenue.io, etc. Scott has most recently been awarded the "Best Demand Gen Practitioner Award" earlier this spring. Before that, he was awarded the "Sendoso Sendie Award" in 2020. He graduated from the University of Utah and remains a college football fanatic.

James Gilbert

James is a GTM leader with a marketing and data background. He has experience in scaling start-ups for high and fast-paced growth, from Seed stage to Series C and beyond. James works towards growing revenue impact at mid-market & enterprises. He has a 20+ year track record leading and orchestrating GTM, growth, CX, data, culture, communities, and more. James wants to inspire, create hope, and help wherever he can. He enjoys learning from those around him and building something that lasts. The personal side of James: he is a father of 4 with an amazing wife. He is a sports enthusiast & Utah Jazz fan. James believes the biggest gap in today's world is our lack of being human even when there are differences.