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Beyond the Hype – The Downsides of Using AI for Sales Outreach

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Key Highlights

  • Humans are the most important thing in sales.
  • The problem with sending AI generated emails is that it is obvious to computers and human readers when something has been written by AI.
  • Another issue with this ability to recognize AI generated responses is some may disregard the email entirely OR they get upset thinking the AI written email was dis ingenuine.
  • Scaling quantity at the expense of quality will burn bridges, damages brands, and destroy relationships that are yet to even form.
  • If you want to be a good seller, who is not being replaced by AI in a few years, then thoughtful and relevant is part of it.  

Will Aitken

Will Aitken, Sales Content - Lavendar - Will currently works at Lavender as a sales content and memes creator. His expertise and experience within the sales industry has helped his passion for content creation thrive. His previous experience consists of working as a Content Creator and Event Speaker for Vidyard, Head of Sales Content at Sales Feed, Co-founder of Social Social, and most currently, his experience at Lavender. His skills in sales, recruiting, customer service, and business development are highly endorsed. His love for content creation led him to his current career in marketing, keynotes, book writing, and sales training.