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How to take AI-Assisted B2B Content Marketing: Creation to Conversion

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Key Highlights

  • Generative AI will help to generate top-of-funnel content, including social posts, emails, and short-form blog content.  
  • High-value content, where you want to have unique or new perspectives, shouldn’t be AI-generated. AI's data is being pulled from everything that already exists, so the content it creates is a regurgitation of existing ideas.  
  • There are still concerns about using AI-generated content regarding the quality and SEO impact. 
  • ChatGPT will always be grammatically correct and hits the right points, but it isn’t necessarily the best way for something to be written or written most engagingly.  

Mariah West

Mariah West is the VP of Marketing at ViB. ViB is a trusted B2B demand generation partner that has been connecting tech providers with potential buyers for over a decade. With a proprietary approach, ViB has built a millions-strong community of decision makers and end-users who are actively discovering new technologies and emerging companies. Through a range of B2B services such as appointment setting, email marketing and deterministic targeting, ViB helps B2B technology companies find the warmest path into their target accounts.

Katie Dematteis

Katie DeMatteis is a Senior Content and Brand Leader with almost a decade of experience in corporate marketing. She has a proven track record of developing and executing in-depth brand and marketing strategies for SaaS companies—from small startups to large enterprise organizations. As a full-time marketing leader turned consultant she has worked with a variety of companies, helping them define strategy, manage teams, and execute their marketing goals. Some brands that Katie has worked with include Okta Inc., VMware Carbon Black, Ad Council, and Veeva Systems. Katie holds a BS/BA from Vassar College.