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AI & Marketing: Fact or Fiction?

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Key Highlights

  • McKinsey research finds: Generative AI can give you “superpowers”.
  • ChatGPT is a helpful general tool for writing emails, blog posts, messaging, etc. 
  • Fireflies gives effortless meeting documentation that transcribes and summarizes meetings. Actionable insights leverage AI-generated insights from conversations to make informed decisions.  
  • Murf is a natural-sounding voice generator that reads any provided script. 
  • Pictory is an AI-enabled app that creates short social video posts from long-form content/blogs/webinars, in minutes.  

Gabe Larsen

Gabe Larsen, CMO at Kustomer - Gabe is a cross between a management consultant, a numbers-driven financial services maestro, and an obsessed B2B marketer—with a mission to use data & science to help companies grow. He has spent the last 18 years building, scaling, failing, and winning in large multinational and high-growth software companies. He is currently serving as the CMO of Kustomer, where they are reimagining customer service. Gabe has also been fortunate to lead or be part of amazing teams at Meta, InsideSales.com, Gallup, Goldman Sachs and Accenture. When he's not trying to reinvent B2B marketing, you can find him at the local bar on karaoke night singing his guts out, playing basketball like he's still in high school or wrestling with his four boys under the code name: “Speedy Gorilla.”