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Three Win Rate Obstacles Solved with AI

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Key Highlights

  • AI conversation summaries allow generative AI to automatically summarize previous meetings, aiding sellers in preparing more efficiently for future meetings.  
  • AI recap emails harness the capabilities of generative AI to transform recorded conversations with complete transcripts into draft recap emails.  
  • AI real-time conversation cues prompt pop-ups on the screen to remind sellers to slow down, ask questions, etc., instead of peers trying to send reminder messages during meetings. This feature reinforces best practices. 
  • Buyers value active listening, problem-solving, confidence (sellers who demonstrate confidence instill trust in the customer), and relationship building. 

Ryan Vaillancourt

Ryan Vaillancourt, VP of Sales at Revenue.io - With a wealth of experience in sales and a background as an award-winning journalist, Ryan's founding principles are to be relentless and curious. He joined Revenue.io because he wanted to help other sales leaders solve the messy tech process stuff that gets in the way of what he loves about sales - listening, coaching, building relationships, and solving big problems for customers.

Maria Bross

Maria Bross, Director of Performance Consulting at Revenue.io - Maria is a passionate sales leader with over eight years of experience. She has made an incredible impact, having built an enablement program from scratch, leading sales teams as SDR and AE Manager, and twice being inducted into the President's Club. Her hard work and dedication have been rewarded - not only has she been selected as a LinkedIn Top Sales Voice but she is also a thought leader for Sales Assembly.