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Keynote: The 21st Century AI Revolution

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Key Highlights

  • Generative Artificial Intelligence is machine learning used to generate content. It is based on a large language model 
  • There has been a major data boom within the last year or two. What people used to have to get degrees for, they can now learn through other platforms, creating billions of people who can become data scientists.  
  • Boston Consulting Group study: Inaction is not an option 
    1. Start experimenting 
    2. Find game-changing outcomes 
    3. Establish enterprise-wide model 
    4. Implement guidelines  

Dave Elkington

Dave is highly active in the business community. He is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and success. He founded InsideSales.com, and is also a founder and a board member of Silicon Slopes. Additionally, Dave serves as a member of Utah Tech University's board of trustees. Additionally, he teaches entrepreneurship at and sits on the computer science and CVLC advisory boards at BYU. He is an active investor, advisor, and board member of several other technology and healthcare start-ups. Dave has authored articles in Harvard Business Review, MIT, Kellogg School of Management and Forbes and appeared on TV networks such as CNBC, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, BBC, and MSN