Signals Earns Spot on G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards for Best Analytics and AI Products

Signals Marketing included in 'Best Software of 2023'

SILICON SLOPES, UTAH – Signals’ today announced they’ve been named to G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards, placing in the top 50 on the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace, G2’s 2023 Best Analytics and AI Products.  

This is Signals’ first time receiving G2’s Best Software Award recognition, earning its place this year thanks to their customer-centric approach and focus on Signal Marketing.  

Co-Founder, Billy Bateman stated “We are honored to be selected in the G2 best Software 2023. We’d like to thank our customers for this recognition. Our inclusion for G2’s best Software 2023 reflects the dedicated work of our team to providing a product that assists our clients in acquiring new customers by knowing their signals. Additionally, we have helped our current users by supporting and expanding their existing customers, and their reviews have reflected that.”  

“While G2 publishes the Best Software Awards each year, they’re really awards from customers,” said Sara Rossio, Chief Product Officer at G2. “Representing a vote of confidence from real software users, these awards also spotlight those that have risen to the top among thousands of companies. With 2 million+ verified software reviews, the most in a single destination, our marketplace features more than 145,000 products and services across 2,100 different categories. Congratulations to all those named, as buyers will continue to lean on these awards as a trusted source to inform their software decisions in the year ahead.”  

The top 100 companies are ranked based on a combination of Satisfaction and Market Prescence scores for each vendor, and the top 100 products are ranked based on reviews across all categories they are a part of. To be recognized as a Best Software Award winner, a software company or product must receive at least 50 approved and published reviews during the 2022 calendar year. Scores reflect only data from reviews submitted during this evaluation period.  

About Signals 

Signals is the first of its class as a Signal Marketing platform, that helps businesses know the digital demeanor of their website visitors. This allows businesses to cut through the noise and better deploy their marketing automation and one-to-one sales motions. They provide a powerful suite of tools to help marketers create engaging website experiences for any customer segment, allowing sales teams to increase conversions and drive more revenue.  

Signals is trusted and used by industry leading tech companies such as  ObservePoint, Open Table, DOMO, Pantheon, and more. Signals help their customers reduce their sales cycle by over 50%, generate highly qualified leads, and more by interpreting the buyer’s signals. Learn what your future buyer’s Signals are here.  

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