Your Quick Guide to Connecting Bots to Quality Content

Having good content on your company’s website can make all the difference in driving sales.

Let’s think of the purpose of content. It’s there to get prospects’ attention, educate them, entertain them, or engage with them. Essentially, it sparks an idea, a question, or a thought, which is what intrigues the prospect to want to have a conversation with your company. And that’s where chatbots come into play. They allow for more conversations to take place. They give people the opportunity to engage with your team.

And there is definitely a correlation between conversion rate optimization and conversation with optimization. Basically, more conversations lead to higher conversion rates.  Therefore, there is monetary value in providing quality content on your site and using chatbots to make the experience more simple, easy, and enjoyable for your customers.

Here are 5 types of content, with which you can implement bots, to really get your customers conversing with your company so that they’ll convert.

1. Pillar Pages

Add chatbots to pillar pages.

Pillar pages are website pages that address a broad/overarching topic in depth. They also include links to a variety of related content that goes even more in depth to the subtopics discussed on the pillar page. It’s a way to start conversations with people. You have to be thinking about making it easiest for people to start conversations with your company.

On these pillar pages, you can have bots specific to that page, and specific to the call to actions that are on that page. Tailor the bots to exactly where they are on your website. And one best practice is to hold off on firing the bot immediately. Let them scroll a bit and get a feel for what they are reading/looking at, and then fire the bot. This allows them to take in the content a little before engaging with the bot.

2. Blog Posts

Blog posts are another great way to connect content with chatbots. Here at ChatFunnels, co-founder Billy Bateman has seen that high quality blog posts lead to high quality conversations. We’ve seen that having bots linked to blog articles is a way to get tons of meetings booked, which if you don’t already know, is done directly through the bot.

3. White Papers

The purpose of a white paper is to give people a downloadable piece of content that highlights/advertises your product. It can educate your audience and increase their interest. When people read about why your product is beneficial to them, their desire to buy will increase. Having a bot connected to a white paper, once again, can engage your customer right away.

They clicked on the white paper for a reason, right? So you know they are interested in that topic and it’s best to start a conversation while you know they’re interested. Then they bot can send them directly to live chat.

4. Webinars

Connect chatbots to webinars.

It’s not a bad play to have a bot fire during a webinar. As they watch the webinar and start to learn more, most likely they will start to have questions. The bot can be there to help with that! It can help them book a demo, start a free trial, or even send them to live chat.

It’s also very helpful to use a bot to help book webinars. You have to figure out how to reach your audience, so try using a bot to do that!

5. Case Studies

Sometimes reading through a bunch of case studies and customer stories can be overwhelming. But you want them to see how other customers are enjoying your product. Implementing bots to those pages can allow your customers to get straight to the information they want. For example, the bot could ask what their position is and then use that information to find a case study relevant to them. It essentially can help them navigate through the content to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Why, How, and What

Why should you implement chatbots? How do you do it? What are the best practices?

Let’s discuss the why, how, and what.

  • Why– Why should you even consider using chatbots in your marketing/sales strategies? Well for one, they are pain relievers. Chatbots qualify leads, freeing up time for your sales team, thus saving you money. They book meetings for you. They can route conversations to you and your sales teams so you can live chat with customers. And they can do much more. The point is that there are many benefits of bots. If you want to save time and money, you should  implement chatbots.
  • How– But how exactly do you implement chatbots? You may have the preconceived notion that in order to use chatbots, you need to know how to code, which just isn’t the case. Our software allows for easy implementation. You don’t need to know how to code! You can easily build out a functioning chatbot that you can then put on any page of your website.
  • What– What do you need to do to get the most out of your bots? You need to be strategic about it. Figure out what your customers need. On what web pages will you put these bots? It’s great to have a bot on the home page, so right off the bat they can engage with your company. And, like we discussed previously, you should connect bots with your content pages. Another thing to consider is testing your bot. At ChatFunnels, we use A/B testing to optimize the bot and make it most effective. We run tests to determine what copy works best or what question order keeps the customer engaged longer. Really what you need to do is commit to chatbots and work to improve the bots on your web pages. If you do that, you will definitely see engagement and conversion go up.

Conversational Marketing

When chatbots are connected to content, customers can get the information they need when they need it.

Conversational marketing is all about listening and responding to your customers needs and concerns. And chatbots make that soooo easy! Your customers can ask their questions to the bot right then and there. They don’t have to worry about the hassle of trying to get in touch with a sales rep over the phone or through email. The bot can answer their questions or route the conversation directly to you or your team. And if they want to schedule a meeting, the bot can give them a calendar drop and they can book a meeting through the bot. Not only do bots benefit your customers and make it easier for them, but they make it easier for you as well. The bot can qualify the leads for you. Thus, your sales team only needs to work with qualified leads.

As stated in its name, conversational marketing focuses on conversations. So you should be tracking how many people are engaging in conversations with your bot and how many stick through those conversations to the end. And chatbots aren’t just there to make friendly conversation. The conversations we want are ones that are informative and effective in getting prospects to enter your funnel. Is the bot capturing email addresses? Is it booking those meetings? How can you make it better?

Remember, content pages can really start up those conversations. The content you provide your customers on your website can spark an interest, which leads to conversations. Get people conversing with your company through bots!


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