Oscar Meyer’s Innovative Promotional Strategy: Bologna Face Masks and the Impact on Brand Image


Oscar Meyer, a subsidiary of Kraft Heinz, implemented a unique and timely promotional strategy last year. The well-known food brand launched bologna face masks for a limited time. The non-edible face mask, complete with eye and mouth cutouts, replicated the chain’s iconic bologna product, presenting a light-hearted response to the ongoing global pandemic.

Key points

1. Oscar Meyer’s innovative promotional strategy
2. The response to the bologna face masks
3. The impact of Oscar Meyer’s campaign on brand image.
4. How authenticity and creativity in marketing can lead to engagement.
5. The challenges and outcomes of unconventional yet timely marketing tactics.

Oscar Meyer’s innovative promotional strategy

In a bid to engage and amuse customers during the global pandemic, Oscar Meyer’s promotional strategy involved the creation of bologna face masks. This unique approach not only appeared playful but also capitalized on the essential need for face masks during the pandemic.

“As a best practice for marketing during a crisis like COVID-19, companies should strive for authenticity and utilize a mix of empathy and humor to engage with their customers,” as stated by the Boston Consulting Group.

The response to the bologna face masks

The bologna face masks received mixed reactions from customers, some of whom appreciated the light-hearted initiative while others criticized its unconventional approach. Nonetheless, the strategy garnered attention and provoked conversation, thereby establishing visibility for the brand.

The impact of Oscar Meyer’s campaign on brand image

This campaign highlights Oscar Meyer’s creative approach to marketing, leveraging the pandemic’s challenging circumstances to stay relevant and engaging to its audience. This novelty initiative increased the visibility of the brand and demonstrated its ability to adapt its promotional strategies to current trends and needs.

Authenticity and creativity in marketing lead to engagement

Despite mixed responses, the bologna face masks demonstrated that authenticity and creativity could lead to profound engagement. By responding creatively to a global event, Oscar Meyer’s move suggests that brands need not shy away from unconventional strategies, particularly if they tie in with present issues and consumer needs.

Challenges and outcomes of unconventional yet timely marketing tactics

There are, of course, risks associated with employing unconventional marketing tactics. However, as Oscar Meyer’s campaign shows, these risks can pay off by generating buzz and furthering brand recognition. The bologna face masks made headlines and became a topic of conversation, leading to increased visibility for the brand.

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