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We’ve talked about messenger before…but never like this. Can using messenger really make you $15k in 6 weeks? Well according to John Preston, it can! In one of our latest podcasts with Billy Bateman and John Preston, they discuss how messenger can be used for network marketingprospecting, and conversion. Curious? Let’s dive right in!

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing (aka MLM) has gotten a little bit of a bad rap in the past. BUT the ideas behind the process are robust and it turns out they work great through Messenger platforms like ManyChat and Facebook Messenger! In recent years, the definitions of network marketing and multi-level marketing have connected to mean very similar things with far different connotations. In both network marketing and multi-level marketing, a company allows people to buy in to be business owners within that company. But with a slightly better reputation, network marketing has made leaps and strides.

Now, if you’re still reading because you want to get started in network marketing, OR are already involved and are looking for ways to up your game, we’ll show you. If you’re still reading because you get a bad taste in your mouth whenever you hear “MLM” and want to know why people love it? We can show you that too. (Head to our conclusion for some network marketing statistics!)

What’s going to make this article different from another article on network marketing, is the focus on using messenger. Instead of having a landing page that transfers to email, using messenger for your landing page could be a game-changer! Assuming you’ve set up messenger to your landing page, what’s next?

Step 1: Ask questions

Once you’ve set up your landing pages to transfer leads to messenger, you have to make the right moves. The old tactic was to send someone a presentation with your information and pitch right there (usually around an hour long). Does anyone really have time for this or want this right off the bat? No.

Utilize the thing chat is best at, quick back and forth conversations. Understanding your customer is crucial to spend time marketing to them. Get them to your chat system through a landing page and then ask them questions like: What kind of situation are you in right now? And why is that an issue for you? How much would it take every month to change this? If I could show you an opportunity to make this possible for you- would you take it?

By asking questions first and sending information second you save time and effort, and put your content towards people that actually want it.

Step 2: Automate and test the process

Once you understand THEIR needs and how YOU can help them, then you know you’re working with white-hot leads instead of just tire kickers. And that’s a game changer with a 65% conversion rate!

  1. Automate: Make your question automated with messenger to create a power channel. You could ask every question by hand, but it almost defeats the purpose. Let your system qualify a lead before you take over. (You’ll get rejected a lot upfront but at least you won’t get turned down after you’ve spent time and content on someone.) Save yourself the step!
  2. Test: Make sure to do testing to ensure you’re asking the right questions. Check your analytics to see when people are dropping off, and if there’s a correlation with their needs and how you’re responding.
  3. Readjust: Now that you’ve automated your questions, and have done testing, it’s time for change. Switch up your methods and constantly be searching for better wording or methods! (Check out our article on the “messy middle“)

This method of automation saves hours upon hours for a business, all while allowing you to spend that time on other important things!

Step 3: Keep it simple

Once you’ve directed people to this landing page (then forwarding them to messenger), the key is to keep the process as simple as humanly possible- in ALL aspects. For one, people are far less technical than you think they will be, and if your process requires too many clicks or steps…you could lose them.

But also simplify your concepts! According to Eric Worre, “If you can find a way to take a big concept, and make it simple… now you have an opportunity for more people to get involved [and] take action.” Over-complication is sometimes the biggest obstruction to success, and simplifying your process can help not only your customers to stay on track, but can help YOU prioritize the most important things for them.

Prioritize, make every step technologically easy, and all-around simplify!

The Wrap-Up on Network Marketing

How do these 3 methods help with network marketing? In the US in 2018, the direct sales industry (which network marketing is a part of) grossed $35.4 billion in sales. Over 6.2 million people in the U.S. are involved in direct sales. (Source: Direct Selling Association) The industry for direct sales, and network marketing, is huge.

So how do you make it work for you? Messenger has changed the game of network marketing. So, engage with your networks starting with questions, using automation, and easy to follow courses. Then work hard and see what happens! (Platforms like SuperStar Bots are here to help too, if you have the resources, take advantage of those professionals!)

Pete Ketchum

Pete Ketchum

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