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On September 16, 2020, we hosted our first ever Demand Gen Summit. Among an amazing line up of speakers was Mario Martinez, CEO of Vengreso. In his presentation, he shared his PVC methodology. PVC stands for personalize, value, and call to action. He explains how to structure a perfect sales message. 

Today’s modern buyers are digitally connected, socially engaged, video hungry, and mobile attached. So, to drive demand in your sales pipeline, you need to learn about the anatomy of a perfect message.

Let’s break it down to really see how this works!

The Anatomy of a Perfect Sales Message

You need to construct your messaging in a way that reaches your ideal buyer in order to engage in more sales conversations.

Many sellers are going about this in the wrong way, and then are surprised when they aren’t seeing desired results. To really see major benefits from sales conversations, you must understand the anatomy of a great message; and it has everything to do with the PVC methodology.

It can be used as an email outreach or by connecting with them on social media, or even through text or phone. Whatever method you choose to reach out to a potential buyer, just remember that it’s all about personalizing, bringing value, and including a call to action.

1. Personalize

The first step is to personalize your message. Hyper-personalize it to the individual or the buyer persona. The most basic form of personalization is addressing the prospect by their name. It catches their attention and bumps up the chances that they’ll keep reading.

Personalize it based off their interests, mutual connections, or their existing technology stack.

Next, you need to think about the pain points of the certain buyer persona. If you already know specific pain points of that individual then be sure to address those.

Addressing their pain points is the most important part. That’s really what concerns the buyer, so they need to know that you understand what problems they are facing.

Of course, you may not know specifics of their company’s pain points, but you can get an idea of what they are for that particular industry as a whole.

2. Value

Next, you must provide value for them. You’ve stated that you’re aware of the problems they’re facing, but you must follow up with solutions.

The value can be in the form of content. Give them a whitepaper, a video, a webinar, eBook, infographic, or even an article. You just need to offer them something that will provide them with solutions.

You can also incorporate customer testimonials that address their pain point so they are able to see that what your company is offering will indeed alleviate their pain points.

The best practice is to make this 111 words. In his presentation, Mario shared, “The statistics show that if you use 111 words, to state the pain and add value, you’re going to be able to get greater engagement.”

Engagement will drop off once it gets greater than 111 words. Now, we know that it’s not that easy to address the pain and add value in only 111 words, so an acceptable amount would be between 112-200 words.

3. Call to Action

The third element of a perfect sales message is the call to action. Here’s where you really drive it all home!

This part of the message is crucial. You’ve addressed the issues they’re facing and provided them with value. But now what? You can’t just leave them hanging.

They will be wondering how to learn more. That’s why you include specific calls to action.

Most people want the call to action to be booking a meeting, which is great. Make sure it’s a thirty minute meeting at least. Anything shorter won’t give you enough time to establish a relationship with the prospect and have an effective sales conversation.

Your CTA could also be as simple as a question to get them more engaged, such as, “Are you currently facing this challenge?” The CTA doesn’t always have to be booking a meeting, but hopefully it will lead to that.


From now on when you ask yourself how to structure a perfect sales message, remember that it must include personalization, value, and a CTA. Mario Martinez has developed this methodology to align sellers’ and buyers’ marketplace perspectives, thus generating more pipeline and closing more deals.

Go listen to Mario’s full presentation to dive further into this methodology! And don’t forget to let us know what you think by either chatting with us on our website or messaging us on LinkedIn


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