How To Integrate Voice Marketing Into Your Current Strategy

Marketing is changing and it’s changing fast.

Over the years it has been slowly evolving, based on consumer sentiment.  Before, companies received leads from people calling in, because that was something the customers were comfortable with. Nowadays, people are more inclined to give their phone numbers or email addresses through a website instead of having to pick up the phone. In a recent podcast with Billy Bateman, guest Bob Stolzberg introduces a new concept of marketing that many people aren’t thinking about yet- marketing through the voice space.

Think about your favorite sci-fi movie. It almost always shows the characters talking to some type of voice bot. Take Iron Man for example. Who would he be without his voice assistant Jarvis?

Bob argues that though consumers aren’t looking for that type of marketing yet, it is very realistic that it’s heading in that direction. And as a marketer, you need to be ready.

Voice Marketing

Analyze Past Trends

Successful marketing is all about integrating new ideas that yield greater results. As society has evolved, so has marketing. In the 1920s, marketers focused solely on sales to scale their businesses. The hype was all about getting the best salesman to do the job. Soon after, around the 1950s, companies started to realize that it should be less about pushing their product onto anyone with a wallet, and more about finding out what the customers actually wanted. Marketing to the individual then arose in the 90s. Once again, they learned from old tactics to revolutionize the marketing field. Companies realized that a more effective way to market is by focusing on the individual, which drives customer return/future sales.

Those specific marketing techniques were useful for their time, but as you know, the market changes. We now live in the digital era of marketing. Marketing and sales have shifted from cold calls and snail mail to being almost entirely online. Marketers always need to be looking for the next big thing and Bob Stolzberg claims that it’s voice bots.

Discover the Power of Chatbots

What can voice do for you? As Bob explains, in a few years from now, voice bots will be more prevalent in the marketing scene. There are parallels between chatbots and voice bots that are worth looking into to maximize your marketing platforms. For example, both types of bots is critical players in your omnichannel marketing. You need to connect with the customer where they are. Another similarity is that they allow you to connect with the customer in a conversational way. Nowadays, everyone has a much shorter attention span. Bots cater to that by allowing the customer to get the information they need in the moment they want it.

Though voice isn’t currently in high demand, you can presently focus on effective marketing strategies while simultaneously preparing to incorporate future marketing techniques. So let’s break down how to accomplish that.

Integrate Voice Marketing Into Your Current Process

Voice bots have started popping up such as Amazon’s Alexa, Google Home, and Echo, to just name a few. Over 34% of U.S. households have Alexa in them, so the voice space is rapidly growing, yet brands have not fully taken advantage of voice skills. Basically what you need to know is that voice is another platform to capture your prospect’s attention. It won’t replace every old marketing technique, but it will certainly help capture the prospect wherever they are.

Certain voice skills you can incorporate into voice bots such as Alexa include things like being able to say, “Alexa, send me a whitepaper from ChatFunnels.” You want your information in her database to stay relevant and so your prospect has the ability to reach that information through Alexa.

3 Tips To Integrating Voice Marketing 

1. Secure Your Brand Name In The Voice Space

It works on a first come first serve basis. Since the voice space is still fairly new, the sooner you lock down your domain on Alexa or Hey Google or whatever it may be, the better. You want to get ahead of the wave.

2. Make Your Voice Skill Like A Funnel

Here at Signals, we are all about getting prospects through our funnel and having them convert. Voice could be at the top of the funnel to capture leads. You can create a voice skill on Alexa so that when anyone looks up your company, you can get alerted. There is even the possibility of the voice bot having a call to action. It could request and capture phone numbers or emails from users, which, again, can be routed to you.

3. Create A Friction-Less, Enjoyable Experience For Users

As with chatbots, voice bot skills need to be casual, conversational, and user-friendly in order to maximize its effectiveness.

The Future For Voice Marketing

Computers and websites are what’s hot. A shift towards voice doesn’t mean websites will be obsolete. Integrating voice means that you will be able to capture the prospect’s attention in the most convenient way for them. Both types of bots will work hand in hand to guide prospects to your funnel, qualify them, and lead them along the conversion process.


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