What Is Intent Data? | Everything To Know

Data is essential in successful B2B sales and marketing. Not only does good data help you reach the right people, but it will help improve your ROI and increase sales. However, having good data is useless if you don’t know how to strategically take advantage of it. What will set you apart from other B2B marketers and salespeople is really understanding and making smart use of your data. Data can offer great insights into the customer journey. Understanding that will give you the competitive edge that you need to be successful. One of the most important types of data is intent data. 

What Is Intent Data?

Customers work hard to get all the information they can about a product before making a purchase. They might visit multiple websites, read articles and reviews, and attend webinars in their journey toward a purchase. The trail of digital evidence that a prospect leaves behind as they are researching your product is called intent data. 

Intent data includes the behavioral data of prospects that provides insights into the interests and the type of content they are consuming. It may also indicate if prospects have a potential desire to take an action, such as purchasing your product. 

Why Is Intent Data Important?

Intent data is quickly becoming essential for maintaining a competitive advantage in B2B marketing and sales. It is being used to make more efficient and confident marketing and sales decisions. It also has several more advantages. 

First, intent data allows you to be the first person in touch with potential prospects. This gives you a head start in contacting someone with potential interest in your product. Getting in front and helping them earlier in their journey will allow for increased exposure to your product and brand. That could leave a lasting impression on the customer and help them convert sooner. That head start could also help you get in contact with people who might not know about your company yet. Intent data could allow you to target those prospects before they get too deep into investigating competitors. 

Next, intent data allows you to prioritize your leads by scoring them based on their data. Prioritizing leads will help you know who you need to contact first based on who has the greatest potential. That will give you an edge in using your time and resources as strategically as possible. 

Next, intent data allows you to prepare to have more meaningful cold calls. More information about your prospect will be available before the call. That will allow you to prepare and lead the conversation with an understanding of what they are looking for. Knowing this information will make cold calls more valuable and will make better use of not only your time but the time of your prospects as well. 

Lastly, intent data will help you retain customers. Everyone knows that retaining customers is exponentially more cost-effective than finding new ones. Using this data will give you insight into how satisfied your current customers are with your product, and if they might be considering switching to a competitor. Knowing this information will allow you to offer better deals to customers and improve your product over time because you know what customers like and what they are looking for in your product.

What Is B2B Intent Data

What Is B2B Intent Data

Intent data is extremely helpful in B2B marketing and sales efforts. B2B intent data lets you know when and where to place relevant ads, which greatly decreases your lead cost. It will allow you to spend your valuable time targeting the most interested companies by prioritizing leads. Using this data will also allow you to continuously optimize your website to fit your audience. 


Successful B2B sales and marketing is becoming increasingly competitive. Intent data is a way to maintain a competitive edge and stay ahead of your competitors. It will also help you improve your website and can help you create more personalized and effective chatbots. Get in touch with us at Signals to learn how you can use your intent data to optimize your website using chatbots.



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