How Do Chatbots Qualify Leads?

The growth of chatbots has been rapid over the past couple of years, and most companies are starting to incorporate them into their marketing strategies. The question most people have is if chatbots help qualify leads. 

If you’re wondering if chatbots can help you qualify more leads for your business, the answer is yes! Here are 3 ways chatbots can help qualify your leads:

1. Chatbots Offer 24/7 Qualifying

Naturally, there are times when business starts to slow down. There are also limited work hours in each day, but chatbots are able to work 24/7. This allows them to be able to qualify potential lead that comes to your site. it is extremely beneficial to have chatbots on your website so they can pick up the slack when there is downtime.

2. Automated Interactions 

Chatbots are highly efficient because they automate how potential leads interact with your site. They automate tasks such as booking meetings, FAQ/customer support, and qualifying leads. This is extremely beneficial and helps your target and engage with your ideal customer. 

Having your chatbot go through the qualifying process and ask for information such as the person’s role, company size, and problems they are facing can help weed out low-intent users and help your team focus on leads that won’t waste your time.

As customers are chatting with the bot, it can send a prompt asking if they want to book a meeting. High-intent users will click ‘yes,’ and the bot can give them a calendar drop right then and there! Not only will you see a major increase in the number of meetings booked, but the quality of those meetings will improve as well.

3. Provide Real-Time Engagement

Chatbots engage with customers at the moment their interest is piqued. They don’t have to take the time to fill out forms or attempt to get in touch with a rep over the phone or through email. Chatbots make it easy because they engage in real-time, and as previously noted, they are available 24/7. They quickly move visitors down the funnel.

Even with FAQ bots, there is always the option to switch to live chat, so your customers will get the information they need at the moment they need it. Real-time engagement leads to increased customer satisfaction, which leads to more qualified leads, which results in higher conversion rates.

Get More Qualified Leads With Chatbots

Chatbots have redefined digital marketing and have become the #1 tool in guiding customers down your funnel. They are available around the clock, which allows website visitors to engage when and where they are. Overall, everyone’s lives are made easier with chatbots.

Signals offer a unique chatbot that helps marketing and sales identify your site’s traffic behavior and lets you personalize your engagement to help move your potential buyers down the funnel. Click here to schedule a free demo to see how adding a chatbot can help increase your qualified leads!



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