How Digital Transformation Is Driving Customer Experience

Every company needs to consider adopting new digital marketing strategies to their website because that will lead to increased sales.

In a recent podcast hosted by Billy Bateman, he discusses with David Lewis the importance of making your website approachable to customers. If there is a smooth and enjoyable user experience on your site, people will be more likely to buy and become loyal customers.

Has COVID Changed Buyers’ Behavior?

David argues that even during this global pandemic, buyers’ behavior really hasn’t changed. There is still the same customer journey of awareness, interest, desire and action. However, the interaction with customers has gone completely digital. Now more than ever, companies have to rely on their websites to drive conversion. It’s time to accelerate your digital transformations.

But what can immensely improve a website? Chatbots!

Integrate Chatbots

Chatbots are a relatively new form of marketing and sales technology. It’s crucial to have digital engagement with customers to ensure an enjoyable customer journey on your site, and chatbots do just that.

Here’s a real world example:

  • David Lewis shared his experience when trying to extend his car lease. He attempted to do so on his car company’s website, but was appalled at how they had zero way to interact with them right there on the site. He was expecting to be able to do all that digitally. It was a frustrating experience for him; it would have been easier had there been a chatbot.

People expect immediacy. Customers need the option of a chatbot. They make your website much more approachable and navigable.

You need to frequently audit your website to make sure that it's approachable.

Is Your Website Approachable?

Think about if customers would become frustrated on your site, like how David was when trying to extend his car lease. If there is not a clear and easy way to engage with your company on your website, then it’s probably not as approachable as you think.

You need to be intentional about making it easy for the customer to contact you.

Consider this: Is a phone number available? Is a mailing address clearly listed?

Audit Your Website

Do an audit of your website and even your mobile app, so they can live up to their full potential. If you do not regularly audit your site, it can quickly become out-of-date. Everything on your website, from layout to content to graphics is there to guide users to conversion, and if it’s not doing that, revise it!

David goes on to say how tracking contact points, such as certain buttons on your site, can be very beneficial in giving you insight into how you should rearrange or redesign things, if needed.

In conclusion, your business’ online presence is vital to driving conversion. If you have chatbots on your site, your web traffic will convert into conversations and leads!



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