2020 Wrap-up: How COVID Has Affected Us

2020 has been wild for us here at ChatFunnels, and we imagine it’s been like that for everyone! This year has been chock-full of natural disasters, social unrest, and of course, COVID-19. It has affected everyone!

COVID-19 has left many scared, confused, and unsure about the future.

And it’s not only a public health crisis, but it has caused an economic crisis as well.

No business has managed to escape the effects of COVID-19. All industries have been affected in some way or another.

Thousands of small businesses have been devastated, being forced to temporarily close, with an estimated amount of 60% having to shut down permanently. And those businesses that are still surviving are having to adjust and accommodate to a new normal. It has been anything but “business as usual.”

How COVID Has Affected Us

Like every other company, we have had to work around the adjustments that have come with this pandemic.

Although at times many of our team members have had to work remotely, we didn’t let that stop us from leveraging technology to maintain strong communication and continue to work as a team.

How COVID Has Impacted the Market

Everyone has had to readjust how they market and sell, and overall how they engage with their customers, because now everything is online and remote.

We have truly seen how chatbots have been an instrumental tool in driving conversational marketing and optimizing websites.

They have been a major benefit during these tough pandemic times.

COVID-19 Testing

It is an understatement to say that the healthcare industry has been overwhelmed.

In order to aid their efforts to organize and administer COVID tests, we have worked with various states to implement FAQ bots on COVID testing websites.

This has proven extremely beneficial. It has alleviated the burden of thousands of nurses by answering common questions. This has allowed the nurses to focus on more urgent matters.

Over 154,000 conversations have taken place with the COVID testing FAQ bots. This means that thousands and thousands of people are getting the answers they need, right when they need them. And it’s all thanks to chatbots!

We all need to do our part to help our communities get through this pandemic.

Let us know how COVID has affected your business by reaching out on LinkedIn.

Pete Ketchum

Pete Ketchum

Pete served in the Army where he obtained his TSC, learned the Korean Language and participated in advance intelligence collections. He served in state law enforcement for 2 years, half that time he spent working at a state corrections facility where he was often the first called upon to deescalate dangerous and fragile situations. He has management experience in the financial, construction, military, service, and computer software industries.

He studied cognitive behavior, earned his B.A. in Psychology and remains a devout enthusiast on the subject.

He currently works with at Signals as the Chief of Staff.

Pete is most proud of the opportunity he has to be a supportive husband to his wonderful wife and a dedicated father to their 4 children.

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