GTM Strategy for SaaS Explained

GTM Strategy for B2B SaaS

The GTM strategy is a key component of any successful B2B SaaS business, and it’s essential to understand how to implement the right GTM plan for your company. Recently at the Demand Gen Summit, Jon Miller (CMO of DemandBase), Sangram Vajre (CEO and Co-Founder of GTM Partners), and Billy Bateman (Co-Founder of Signals Marketing) gave presentations about GTM strategies for B2B SaaS companies. They discussed best practices on how to create an effective GTM strategy that will help you find success in the long run. In this article, we’ll cover what GTM Strategy is and why it’s important to have one if you want to succeed in B2B SaaS.

What is a GTM Strategy

GTM strategy is an essential part of any successful B2B SaaS business – it helps to define how a company will market and sell its products or services. GTM stands for ‘go-to-market’ and involves creating a detailed plan that outlines how you will reach your target customers, generate leads, close deals, and measure results. GTM strategies typically include elements such as customer segmentation analysis, pricing models, sales channel selection, and product positioning among many other factors. Implementing the right GTM strategy can help B2B SaaS companies achieve success by driving growth through increased customer acquisition and retention rates.

How to create a successful GTM strategy

Jon Miller, CMO of Demandbase, presented with Billy Bateman, Founder of Signals, and shared insights into creating a successful GTM strategy by using data intelligence. First, you need to nail down the messaging that you will use in all customer-facing communications. Together they shared that demand generation is like a soccer game – there shouldn’t be a hand-off of leads from marketing to sales, they should be playing together cohesively to create plays that score! You can orchestrate all the account data with buyer data from enrichment tools, calls, emails, etc., to create a seamless strategy that converts.

Insights were also shared that buyers are very privacy aware, so the focus needs to be on account data. By tracking the habits of specific accounts, you can create a successful marketing campaign. They shared that “there are going to be people influencing your deal that sales are not engaged with… which makes alignment between departments critical.” By creating a GTM strategy, you can ensure that any communications, whether from the sales or marketing team, will deliver a cohesive and comprehensive message.

GTM Strategy for SaaS Markets

GTM strategies are important for marketing any product, but SaaS products require a unique approach. Billy Bateman, Co-Founder of Signals, spoke with Sangram Vajre, CEO and Co-Founder of GTM Partners, about shifts in go-to-market approaches. They shared that companies likely don’t have a marketing, sales, or customer service problem – they have a GTM problem. They shared that with SaaS products, the entire revenue team needs to be included in GTM planning meetings. When creating a GTM strategy, you should ask your current customers quantifiable questions about the value that they find in your product, and then verify your findings with case studies to show real ROI. Buyers want to know what the deeper metrics are, and what they can expect from your product.

GTM strategies are essential for any B2B SaaS business looking to succeed. GTM stands for ‘go-to-market’ and involves creating a detailed plan that outlines how you will reach your target customers, generate leads, close deals, and measure results. By leveraging customer segmentation analysis, pricing models, sales channel selection, product positioning and other cognitive neuroscience principles as discussed in this article into your GTM strategy; you can create an effective marketing campaign that drives growth through increased customer acquisition and retention rates. To ensure success with your GTM strategy it is important to seek insights from current customers about the value they find in your products or services as well as verify findings with case studies to demonstrate real ROI. With these key elements of GTM Strategy at play within your organization’s approach to finding success – there should be no limit on what you can achieve! 25 more SaaS strategies are covered in the Demand Gen Ebook, download it here.


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