Your Guide To Buyer Enablement

The number one challenge buyers are facing in the B2B space today is buyer confusion. This is not coming from being confused in the sales process, but from how the modern buyer self-educates and self-informs while making going through the buying process. Buyers don’t usually engage with salespeople until they are far along in the buyer journey. In fact, most buyers are over 70% through their buying journey before they ever engage with a sales professional. One solution to this challenge is buyer enablement. 

What Is Buyer’s Enablement?

Buyer’s enablement means shifting your focus to the customer and understanding their challenges. By understanding your customer’s challenges, you can give them the right information, tools, and knowledge to help them feel comfortable in the buying journey. Addressing your customer’s challenges and giving them the information they need will enable them to move forward with confidence in the buying process. It’s all about the customer and bringing simplicity to their lives. 

The Modern B2B Buyer’s Journey 

Modern buyers want to do most of their own research online. With so much information available at our disposal, buyers will do heavy research on your product or service. This means looking through your site, checking customer reviews, and looking into how it can help them. They want to answer all of their own questions before talking to a salesperson

So, what can you do? You can provide potential buyers with information that relates to their questions. Understanding the modern buyer process will allow you to know what information/tools you can give your buyers to help them in their unique buying journey. This is how buyer enablement fits in. If you can understand what information your buyers are looking for, then you can provide them with that information to help them feel confident to move forward

Questions To Ask Yourself To Improve Buyer Enablement

We always want to improve the way we enable our buyers through the buyer’s journey. Here is a couple of question you should ask yourself to help improve buyer enablement:

  • How does our content/tools help enable our buyers?
  • How can we become better guides for our buyers? 
  • What is the best way to respond to buyers’ needs today? 
  • How can we be effective in a remote and digital environment?
  • Are you making it easy for your customers to find all the things that they need from you? 
  • Are you making it easy for your customers to send you information that you need from them? 
  • Are you communicating across multiple channels making it hard to track the conversation? 
  • Or are you keeping the conversations confined to one area and involving a team around that same area so that everyone is always on the same page at the same time? 

Why Is Buyer Enablement Important?

It’s important to be enabling the buyer to make informed decisions. There are tools that will help, but the biggest differentiator will always be you. There must also be a change in the way your organization communicates with and properly guides customers and prospects. You should not just be equipping internal teams, but equipping your buyers to feel confident in their decision-making ability while working with you.

Once they have made the decision to buy, it is important to carry your promises through post-sale. There is nothing worse than feeling buyer’s remorse. The more you can avoid buyer’s remorse and avoid uncertainty, the better off you will be. Buyer enablement means enabling the buyer throughout the entire customer lifecycle, not just in pre-sales. 

How to Implement Buyer Enablement

A great way to start implementing buyer enablement is to build your product around the customer. Nowadays, people want to test out the product before buying it. They want an easy, frictionless process from the beginning to the end. They want to get their hand on your product and test it a little bit before engaging in the sales cycle. Giving your customers this ability shows that you have built your product with intent for the first-time user experience. That will make a huge difference for those that are just starting the buyer journey. 

If customers are facing challenges trying to buy from you, there are changes to be made. Your main job is to make the sales process seamless for everyone moving forward. Marketers and salespeople need to be strategists and advisors for their customers. They need to build trust and relationships with customers, even in today’s digital environment. It needs to be all about them, not you. Buyers are willing to pay more for a premium experience. That’s what you should be selling as part of the product. 

Help Enable Your Customers

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