B2B Marketing and Sales Alignment: Insights from William Tyree, Kristina Jaramillo, and Tamara Yarovoy

How to Create Lasting Alignment Between B2B Marketing and Sales Teams

Good sales and marketing alignment is essential for any successful B2B organization. It’s a process that requires collaboration, communication, and commitment from both teams to ensure success. At the recent Demand Gen Summit, William Tyree, Kristina Jaramillo, and Tamara Yarovoy shared their best practices for creating lasting alignment between B2B marketing and sales teams. In this blog post we will explore the insights they shared to help you create more synergy between your own marketing and sales teams.

Marketing can help Sales spot and close winnable deals

William Tyree, CMO of Revenue.io, shared insights about the importance of aligning your sales and marketing teams. He shared that “usability is key… having all your pieces together in one place is really how you can change the game for your sellers. Having this information pop up right when it is needed really helps [sale’s] conversations flow in the way that everyone in the sales cycle intends it to.”

A marketer’s main goal is to create a seamless flow of information for the consumer that helps support a sales team’s goal. By having regular meetings, you can ensure that both teams have a cohesive GTM strategy that helps foster a successful customer experience. Kristina Jaramillo shared a case study that details a successful implementation of a client’s GTM strategy.

A comprehensive review of how to find success

Tamara Yarovoy, Director of Demand Gen at Vena, shared 10 tried-and-true tips for sales and marketing alignment.

Main points include:

1) hiring the right people

2) successful reporting and analysis habits

3) questions that help you dig in

Yarovoy shared that “well-aligned sales and marketing teams drive more than 200% revenue growth for marketing tactics. Additional research also suggests that organizations with aligned departments can achieve up to 38% higher win rates, which is tremendous just by aligning departments.”

The insights shared by William Tyree, Kristina Jaramillo, and Tamara Yarovoy can help you create a successful sales and marketing alignment strategy. By implementing the right people in your organization, creating effective reporting practices, asking questions to uncover opportunities for improvement and understanding how marketing and sales team alignment affects revenue growth – you’ll be well on your way to achieving success with this process. With these tips in hand, there’s no reason why marketers shouldn’t see an increase in their ROI from aligning teams. Get the full comprehensive review of the Demand Gen Summit here!



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