A/B Testing 101: Your Beginners Guide

Having a good business webpage is essential in creating a quality impression for your company. Your page may even be the first impression a potential customer has of the product. Each page should be strategically designed, easy to use, and should provide relevant content for the user. However, when designing a webpage, the options are endless. How do you know which design is the best for your audience? How do you know which will be the most successful?

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a method of comparing different versions of a webpage to determine which performs better based on given conversion goals. In other words, A/B testing is an experiment to see how changing certain variables about a webpage might improve conversion rates. This allows you to strategically optimize the content on your page. As such, everything should have an intended purpose that can be measured.

Why Is A/B Testing Important

Nowadays, most businesses are struggling to get qualified leads into their sales pipeline. People are struggling to figure out what problems they need to solve to help their customers move down the funnel and convert. Let’s take a look at some reasons why businesses are using A/B testing. 

Increase Conversion Rate

If you already have existing visitors, you may be able to increase your conversation rate with the existing traffic you have to your site. A/B testing allows you to test what call to action, messaging, or layout best helps your traffic convert and move down the funnel. Even the smallest changes to your site can affect if potential buyers convert or not. 

Get Better Content For Your Visitors

When A/B testing, you are able to test different types of ad copy, titles, calls to action, etc, to find what content better fits your target audience. While doing this you might want to consider what type of voice you want to portray to your audience, Does your audience convert more when it’s a fun happy voice? Or are they more inclined when it’s a professional voice? Either way, A/B testing helps you know what content your audience is interacting with. 

Help Solve Visitor Pain Points

Most visitors that are coming to your site are coming with a specific of theirs. They might be looking to learn more about your products/services, understand more about a topic, or want to buy something from you. Either way, they are coming for a reason but they might be faced with pain points once they are on your site. 

Using website data combined with A/B testing helps you solve your visitor’s pain points that they have while on your site. 

Reduce Bounce Rate

A/B testing can help you reduce bounce rate by allowing you to test multiple variations of your pages to find out which one is the best. A/B testing doesn’t only help reduce the bounce rate, but it will help the overall visitor’s experience on your site/ 

Why Is A/B Testing Important?

Using Chatbots For A/B Testing

Chatbots are an effective tool to use in optimizing your webpage. They are great for providing support for visitors, generating new leads, and making sales. Adding a chatbot to your site to interact with your visitors can help you understand the need of your audience. It also helps you to identify where your visitors are at in the buying journey and lets you interact with them in the process. 

If you have the right chatbot, it can allow you to personalize your A/B testing to help choose which bot is going to work the best for your webpage. That means you don’t have to guess what messages will help your visitors convert. Rather, use data to find out what works.

Start A/B Testing

A/B testing can be used with various aspects of web pages in order to optimize the user experience and strategically improve content. Even the simplest changes can lead to a tremendous impact on conversion rates. If you are looking to improve your webpage, Signals is a great place to start. Book your first demo with us here and we will help you optimize the user experience on your webpage. 



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