4 Benefits Of Using Chatbots In the B2B Industry

Ten years ago, the thought of marketing and technology coinciding and collaborating hand-in-hand would be thought to be a strange phenomenon. Yet, we have arrived in a societal place where the marrying of the two is now commonplace. Making one ponder- how the two have crossed over into one platform. The simple answer is marketing is a company’s way of communicating their brand message, while technology assists in helping a company maximize their objectives with smart chatbots, algorithms and artificial intelligence. Currently, businesses are using Chatbots as a tool for this merging. Chatbots allow a company to directly communicate with people landing on their webpage. In turn, making a custom marketing experience for B2B buyers.

Posing the question- do you as the customer want this specified marketing experience? Well of course the answer is yes! When thinking about it, who doesn’t want a little TLC and one-on-one attention!

1. Instant Gratification

Currently, we live in a world of instant gratification, we can have anything we want, need, or desire on our doorstep within 24 hours. Consumers want their wants, needs and desires to be met immediately. Hence the rise in the thousands of e-commerce sites popping up along with chatbots being employed on these sites. This has taken customer relation management to a new high making this type of marketing a critical tool in business effectiveness. Chatbots, are responding to consumer queries in real-time, and globally, chatbots are able to respond in multiple languages. On the lucrative side, chatbots are cheaper than humans and are often more effective, efficient, and overall more productive.

2. Targeting and Parceling

In preparation of bringing a product to market, it is important for a business to have a clear-cut marketing plan in place; to market with strength and stamina. Part of this plan should have in place who the target demographic is. Customers communicating with chatbots will give an idea as to what this plan should be. They can predict and provide important information. This then creates a line of future patterns set up by the customer.

3. Platforms and Marketing

The internet and social media, has become a tool that is utilized daily on a global level. Customers seek out promotions and discounts from businesses on the regular. This gives businesses an opportunity to promote, and market to customers while collating and collecting their data through Chatbots all on a voluntary basis. Brands that use this form of digital landscaping are able to capture a customer’s product preferences and then disperse coupons and promotions curtailed to those customers and their buying needs. It also gives chatbots the ability to understand who the shopper is and who is simply a web surfer. Chatbots are able to learn these preferences with ease.

4. Content is Key

Good content is a key component of any digital marketing base. Knowing which platform to put the content on can be the hard part. This then leads us to the appropriate and relative questions as to how to understand where to put the content; using chatbots is a great way to help identify relevant content for users and deliver it!

Chatbot usage is really a no-brainer. We live in the digital age of chatting, instant messaging, going live, and texting, and AI pushes all of it right over the top making it collaborative a win for businesses.


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