RevTech Power Users Award Winners

RevTech Power Users

RevTech Power Users are marketing and sales professionals who innovate the use of technology to improve their processes along the pipeline. Checkout winners from other categories here!

1 . Sebastian Benitez – Marketing Dev Manager | Vengreso

Sebastian is Vengreso’s Market Development Manager, responsible for expanding Vengreso’s vision in the East by helping sales teams create more sales conversations through modern sales prospecting techniques. In addition Sebastian is a modern selling practitioner who is passionate about working with clients to build relationships, making him a perfect match to help solve your modern sales inquiries.

2. Nagaraja Javvaji – AVP. Global Demand Gen | Cigniti Technologies

Nagaraja manages the global demand generation & inside sales @ Cigniti (, a premier independent testing solutions company by leading industry analysts, serving Fortune 500 clients. Additionally with a global workforce distributed between North America and India, Cigniti works with leading Enterprises and ISVs to deliver quality software using proprietary Blue Swan (IP based testing) to enhance productivity and reap the benefits of QA early in the software lifecycle. Finally Cigniti has deep expertise and proprietary frameworks to accelerate testing for improved time to market for its clients. In conclusion its state-of-the-art tool and technology agnostic test labs offer on-demand access to key services such as quality assurance, quality engineering, digital assurance and advisory & transformation.

3. Ernest Owusu – Sr. Director Sales Dev | 6Sense

As the Director of Sales Development at 6sense, Ernest Owusu leverages his passion for helping others succeed as well as his insights from the field to foster a winning team. With previous experience as an NFL athlete. Similarly Ernest thrives in team environments full of high collaboration and healthy competition. On the other hand outside of the office, you’ll find him tackling the industry’s diversity problem by mentoring and empowering under-represented individuals.

4. Stephen Farnsworth – Lead Product Marketing Manager | Outreach

Stephen is an expert in product marketing. Before becoming the Head of Product Marketing at Workato he was the Lead Product Marketing Manager at Outreach. Workato is the operating system for today’s fast-moving business. Equally as impressive Worakato is recognized as a leader by both Gartner and Forrester, Workato is the only AI-based middleware platform that enables both business and IT to integrate their apps and automate complex business workflows with security and governance

5. Keriann Aronson – Business Dev. Manager | Pantheon Platform

Keriann has been at Pantheon for over 3 years and has worked training and coaching inbound and outbound BDRs. Similarly she creates and refines on-boarding documentation and playbooks. Meanwhile she has made a name for herself as a sales guru. Keriann graduated from Berkeley before joining Pantheon.

6. Jason Blais – Executive VP of Sales | CareerArc

Jason is a seasoned sales leader in the Human Capital space with track record of building hyper-growth. Secondly he builds over-performing, highly profitable sales organizations.

7. Ren Chin – Chief Marketing Officer | GoFormz

Ren is a technology executive with 20 years experience in building successful, market-leading technology startups. Also he has a solid track record of delivering innovative new products to market and leading product management, digital marketing, and demand generation teams.

8. Chris Mills – VP Product Marketing | SalesLoft

Chris is an executive with over 20 years of experience in marketing, product management, business development, and strategy in the software and technology industry. In addition he specializes in marketing and delivering complex software and services to customers across a variety of industries.

9. Shawn Parrotte – Sr. Marketing Manager |

Shawn is the Senior Manager at Additionally he is an expert in digital media buying, web analytics, attribution, marketing automation, landing page design, conversational marketing, and video production.

10. Ryan Breneman – Marketing Ops Manager | Xant

Ryan owns market and the marketing operations systems for XANT. Also he helps maintain the workflow of new leads coming from various sources (Google, LI, Website, Content Syndication ,etc) and build programs in Marketo to score and route these leads. Finally he helps maintain systems relating to marketing such as Lean Data, Domo, 6Sense, Google Analytics, LinkedIn, RingLead, WordPress, and many others.