The Future of Revenue Technology- Brandon Bornancin


In this presentation, Brandon Bornancin talks about the best ways to work to leverage the future of revenue technology. He encourages listeners to do whatever it takes to ensure success.  He talks about the steps that he followed to see impressive growth in a short time period.


Brandon Bornancin is the #1 best-selling author of 3 books, a serial salesperson (sold over $100M in sales), eight-figure entrepreneur (2x), inventor of Seamless.AI, and motivational speaker who is obsessed with helping you maximize your success


“Anytime that you’re thinking about trying to solve a problem if you’re negative about solving the problem if you don’t think that it can happen if you don’t believe that you can achieve whatever you need to achieve, to make your goals and dreams a reality. Guess what? They will not happen.”

“The most important part, for you to accomplish anything in this world, leveraging the future of revenue technology is your mindset. You have to be positive. You have to be coachable. You have to work hard, and you have to do whatever it takes.”

Key Points

  1. Your mindset is what decides how successful you will be 
  1. Hard work will pay off with more revenue 
  1. Do whatever it takes to achieve success 


For the past 10 years, this man has built a following of salespeople in the millions. He’s sold 1000s of books that popularized the concept of sales lists. He’s founded a software company,, that has gone from $0 to being valued at over $1 billion and 10s of 1000s of customers in just four years. He’s the king of sales leads, the internet’s favorite entrepreneur, digital marketing genius, container of expert sales secrets. He is an American storyteller. Ladies and gentlemen bring to the stage with an amazing applause. Mr. Brandon Bornancin.

Welcome to the future of revenue technology hosted by ChatFunnels. Welcome to the summit. We’re thrilled to have you here today. There are over 1000s of registrants and attendees at the event all day today. So we’re thrilled to have you here. Thank you for taking your valuable time and effort to join us today. And I want you to be highly engaged and give all of your attention and energy while you’re here to this event to learn the strategies and the secrets to make it your biggest and best year yet leveraging technology, leveraging sales, leveraging the strategies that we share with you today. My name is Brandon Bornancin, the CEO and founder of, the world’s best sales leads, three time number one best seller of whatever it takes, seven figure social selling, and sales secrets. I’m a serial software entrepreneur, salesperson, and speaker who sold over a billion dollars in sales, raised over $100 million in venture capital funding, and built a company in just 4 years to have over a billion dollar unicorn valuation. Today my team and I support over 265 full time employees with a mission of helping the world connect opportunity and positively impact billions. We’ve got a million users and customers and followers and it’s an honor to be here with you today. Speaking on the future of revenue technology.

I want to tell you about a backstory from when I started out my sales career. I’ll jump over here when I start selling in my sales career building my own company at the age of 18. That did $12 million for the gambling industry, to launching a second company when I was 22 called in mobile that lost $4 million to then selling for IBM and Google. Throughout the beginning of my career 2006, 2007, 2008 ,2009. There was no technology. You were literally leveraging the worldwide web; you’re leveraging Dun and Bradstreet leads. You were Googling and searching for whatever you can find and then manually sending emails manually making calls you had no data CRM was fairly new just a few years into the space. It was terrible. You would spend 50% of your time trying to build lists 25 to 40% of your time, literally inputting data, names, titles, companies, emails into a spreadsheet, an Excel. I don’t even say Excel anymore because I’m so used to saying Google Sheets or CRM, right all the technology out there. It didn’t exist 10, 20 years ago. And now you know, so I was selling for these big companies, my own companies, you name it, and I was burning 50-75% of my time trying to figure out who do I need to sell to? How do I sell to them? How do I connect with them? And then by the way, there were no video meetings or interviews. So when you actually got the meeting, guess what you had to do? You had to book travel, you had to bring all your stuff with you: the laptop, the presentation, the team members, because back then I would pitch with 5,10, 20 people. So then I have to get everyone to come with me and then we have to go fly and land at the client wherever they’re at. They may be on the west coast, the East Coast, the North Coast. I’m flying all over the country trying to pitch and sell.

Wow! Technology has revolutionized our ability to connect with people, our ability to sell, our ability to build profitable relationships at scale. But to leverage the future of revenue technology. You need three secrets. I’m going to share with you today in this keynote presentation, I want to talk to you about three secrets that will fundamentally change your life forever for the better so that you can make this next year your biggest and best yet. And it starts with the acronym M.T.A.

So the first secret is all about your mindset. My number one best seller whatever it takes encompasses over 100 habits to be successful. In sales, in business and in life. And if I had to share with you the top four habits that would change your life forever for the better. I’m gonna walk you through what those are right now. So starting out with Mindset by the way, everyone, thank you for those tuning this session. I want to hear from you in the chat below. Drop your name, drop your location, drop what excited about the summit. I want to hear from you, I want to engage with you, I want to learn from you, you name it. Secret number one, your mindset. This is my number one best seller. Whatever it takes, it encompasses over 100 habits to be successful in sales, in business and in life. And if I had to share with you to go from 100+ habits to the top four habits so that you can leverage the future of revenue technology to make this next year your biggest and best yet. I’m gonna run through each of these and by the way, I want to hear from all of you. Where are you? Where are you joining us from drop your name, drop where you’re calling in from where you’re joining the conference from below in the chat I’d love to hear from you. So secret number one is mindset. Master the mindset and the habits to leverage the future of revenue technology and it starts with number one positivity. Look, a closed mind, a negative mind, a closed mind, a closed mouth never gets fed. Think about it. Anytime that you’re thinking about trying to solve a problem, if you’re negative about solving the problem, if you don’t think that it can happen if you don’t believe that you can achieve whatever you need to achieve, to make your goals and dreams a reality. Guess what? They will not happen, you will not accomplish your goals, you will not find the solutions to make it happen and you will lose. But if you have an open positive attitude and mindset, then you start to see okay, this challenge is an opportunity. This opportunity, if I could solve it and capitalize on it, will lead to massive results. That’s why you have to be positive. And whenever I’m coaching our employees or our followers or our mastermind or course attendees I’m like positivity you got to have a can do, we can figure it out and we will find the solution, we will use that new technology mindset no matter what. Think about it all of your revenue leaders from your C suite to your VPs of sales to the directors to maybe the AEs and inside salespeople. This year, this decade, there’s going to be so much new technology coming out. And if you’ve got a negative mindset, you won’t want to use it, and then the sales people in the marketers and the entrepreneurs that are like oh I see the opportunity in leveraging a in a and a Clary in an outreach. You name it and you’re positive you start leveraging it to drive results versus the salespeople that are negative “I don’t believe in that technology, I don’t want to try new things, I’m scared of change” Well the people that are positive and embrace that change and embrace that new technology are gonna win. So that’s part one of the mindset secret.

Number two, you have to be coachable. Coachable means I am hungry to improve every single day. I’ve got a rule with anyone in my network. I need you to want to improve 1% every single day because guess what? Einstein stated that the greatest wonder of the world, the eighth wonder of the world is compounding interest. Well guess what the greatest ROI in the world is? Every dollar every minute that you invest in yourself to improve. If you improve 1% every single day, guess what? By the end of the year you would have improved by over 37x. So being coachable and hungry to improve is absolutely critical to maximize your success, to leverage the future revenue technology, and to make all of your goals and your dreams a reality. But what does that mean? That means like, by the way, if you improved 1% every single day 37x If you’re making $100,000 a year and you’re able to make that happen, which I know that you can do, that means you would make over $3.7 million, in one year, If you improve 1% a day that’s the importance of it. And when I’m working with salespeople are our own sales reps, who aren’t hungry to improve, who aren’t hungry and being coached until you get to 100% close rate on every single conversation, every single pitch, every single sales touch point, literally every email that you send. Until you get to 100% close rate every call that you make until you get to 100% close rate. Every pitch, every proposal sent until you get to 100% close rate, there is something that you can learn or do to improve to become the best that you can be. And you and I both know what that means. That means that no matter what, you will always be having to learn strategies and secrets and playbooks and best practices to become the best that you can be because if you improve 1% a day compounding interest you improve 37x by the end of the year, and I would love to see all of you improve over 37x.

The third part of mastering the mindset our first secret is you gotta work hard. Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle. I’ve worked with some of the smartest engineers, the smartest salespeople, the smartest entrepreneurs, the smartest marketers in the world. And guess what? The smartest people unfortunately sometimes don’t have the hustle and the tenacity to put in the hours every single day. If you’ve ever seen the meme from Elon Musk. Elon Musk says he’ll work 80 hours a day because his competitors are working 40 hours a day. That’s how hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle. I’m not telling you to work 80 to 100 hours a week but I’m telling you the more hours you put in, the better you’re going to get the more work you put in, the better you’re going to get. The more calls you make, the more money you’re going to make. Like you got to put in the hard work. I remember I was in grade school. One of my best friends Steve. Love you Steve he was a genius. IQ was literally be the highest ever right? And when we would go and study for different calculus tests, or physics tests, or math tests or any type of test, he would spend 20 minutes studying aced the test. I would spend two to four weeks studying and get an A get a B plus A minus A, you name it and literally I spent a month and he spent 20 minutes. Well guess what? When we go to college, I leverage my hard work and my tenacious attitude and I build a company that does $12 million in sales when I’m 18, 19, and 20 years old. It takes Steve seven years to graduate from undergrad because hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle. Same goes for sales professionals, marketers, entrepreneurs all of you right. You literally if you just put in a little bit more work. You will be able to win and generate more sales, more income, more commissions than your peers, than your competitors. I’ve leveraged it to generate over a million dollars in income a year as a sales professional. I leveraged hard work to build a billion dollar company in four years. And I know that you can too.

And then lastly, the last most important habit of mastering your mindset so that you could leverage the future of revenue technology is doing whatever it takes. So pick up a copy of this number one best selling book, leverage all the habits it’s literally if I had to break it down. It’s doing whatever it takes to maximize your success and the success of your customers. The success of your employees, the success of your company, the success of your relationship with your partner, the success of your family, doing whatever it takes, if you had to read the books, go to the mastermind, take the courses make 1000 calls, send 500 emails, personalize, pitch, travel the world, whatever it takes. Yeah, I literally had to make 1000s of sales calls to build when no one would work for me, no one would find me. You know, I did whatever it takes to acquire the first 100 customers in the first year and then the first 1000 customers in the first year. I had to pitch 347 venture capitalists because every single VC told me no. So I literally had to build a list of all the VCs, learn how to pitch and fundraise with the VCs. And guess what? By doing whatever it takes and leveraging positivity and coachability and hard work. Now I’ve raised over $100 million in venture capital funding and venture debt, you name it, built the company by leveraging these principles. In four years that’s valued at over a billion dollars. You know, so when I talk about the most important part, for you to accomplish anything in this world, leveraging the future of revenue technology is your mindset.

You have to be positive. You have to be coachable. You have to work hard, and you have to do whatever it takes. I’d love to hear in the comments section below. Let us know in the comments, guys. How are you incorporating being positive? How are you incorporating being coachable? How are you working hard? How are you doing whatever it takes today to maximize your sales success?

So the next secret of leveraging the future of technology is becoming unstoppable with the sales tech stack of the future. So you want to leverage all of the sales technologies at your disposal to automate all of your sales efforts. And I’m gonna go from the top of the tech stack to the bottom of the tech stack. It all starts first, you can’t sell anything to anyone without the data without the lists without the CRM, right. So at the top of the food chain, you’ve got data. You gotta have the lists you’ve got you’ve got you know, my my fun competitors zoom info, you’ve got Dun and Bradstreet there’s a lot of technology out there. Data and when it comes to the life that you want, I need you to fundamentally believe the life that you want the family you want the cars you want the houses you want, the commissions you want, the sales you want. Everything in the life that you want, is going to be powered by the list that you sell to. You have to build a list if you don’t have a list of the contacts of the companies that you need to sell to you will not sell anything to anyone. So getting the sales data, the marketing data for everyone they need to sell to is absolutely number one critical. You cannot pick up the phone, send an email, reach out to someone on social if you do not have the data if you do not have the list. You’re just one list away from the life you want, the film you want, the cars you want, the company you want, the houses you want, the commissions you want. Everything in this life is just one list away. And then once you have that list, guess what the next part of this sales stack is? You got to get into the CRM. And we’ve got some amazing companies and platforms out there that will help you revolutionize your ability to build relationships at scale, build profitable connections at scale that will change your life, your company’s life, your family’s life forever for the future. You know a few of my favorite companies that I’ve been able to work with, humbled to speak for: Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, pipe drive. There’s a number of Insightly, Copper CRM. There’s so many great CRM data platforms that you can leverage to take all of your lists and get them into your CRM. Then once you have that, you’ve got to have your email marketing automation software, you’r calling automation software, right? So for your workflow automation in sales. We’ve got some of our favorite companies, outreach IO salesloft, you’ve got Cirrus insight. There’s a number of different platforms out there that will help you leverage workflow automation like creating the campaigns, the multi channel campaigns that you want to create to maximize your success, you know. Leverage these workflow automation once you have the CRM once you have the data, get it into a workflow sales automation so that you can create the campaigns almost like your a genius marketer, a genius salesperson, a genius entrepreneur, right? Building and architecting these different campaigns that will help you engage prospect connect will sell and acquire all of your dream customers faster than ever before.

Another part of my favorite stack is actually the marketing automation stack on top of the sales automation stack. You’ve got companies like Marketo, Active Campaign, you’ve got companies like Intercom, acton, Pardot. I mean, these are amazing companies that will help you market your brand, market your company, market your services to the world, to all of your dream followers, your dream customers, your dream users, you have to leverage all of the stack when it comes to the different technologies I’m talking about. Never have a closed mind. Remember what we said about mindset. You gotta have an open mouth, an open mind to get fed, to get rich. You have to have your wallet open to put money in the wallet. Same goes with your mind. So when I’m talking about these different technologies, if you’re not leveraging any of them, think about “hey, maybe I should check them out. Maybe I should start leveraging them.” For social. We’ve got amazing technology like Buffer, Hootsuite, social listening platforms for listening on competitors, for listening on deals, for listening on topics. You’ve got social measurement platforms that will literally tell you how many views and followers and listeners you’ve got from all these different channels, whether it be LinkedIn, whether it be Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, your podcast. You name it. Some of my favorite sales technologies are all about the call intelligence with companies like Gong and wingman that will literally record and transcribe and help you analyze your pitch to become the best salesperson that you can be. Call intelligence is great. I always think about call recording and call intelligence like Tom Brady. 50% of Tom Brady’s time was spent watching game film, every single rewind, fast forward, rewind, fast forward, rewind fast forward. What are the plays in offense that he needs to run to beat the team? What are the plays in defense that he needs to run to win the Super Bowl Championship? Tom Brady spends 50% or more of his time on game film. If Tom Brady has spent 50% of his time on game film, and is one of the greatest football players of the world, what do you think top sales athletes should be doing top sales professionals should be doing? We should be recording all of our calls. We should be watching our calls. We should be analyzing “what can I do better? What can I do to improve how I can become the best sales athlete in the world?” Then you’ve got amazing technologies like video. Video is the future of connecting with people. It’s got incredible platforms like loom and vidyard and Bom Bom. You’ve even got platforms that will write copy for you. Literally write emails, write ads, you’ve got Jarvis. There’s so many different copywriting platforms now that you plug in the data and they’ll literally write the sentences, the emails, the ads that you need to connect and close them with your sales workflow automation platforms. They’ve got advertising platforms. Now the future revenue technology is to become full stack, not even not even just master all of the sales technologies but to master the advertising technologies.

As a salesperson. I was leveraging Google ads, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, G2 ads, you name it. I’m leveraging all of these ad platforms. For me personally to build a big pipeline of sales and opportunities, and then also for my company to build a big pipeline of opportunities for my sales team. You have to become superhuman leveraging all the technology, and then you’ve got analytics to improve anything, to improve 1% a day. So you’ve got the compounding interest of 37x You need to have the analytics on your full funnel. What are we doing well, what needs to be improved, what data is improving every single day, every single week, every single month, every single quarter and every single year? Where am I staying flat? No growth, good or bad? And then where am I trending down? And you have to leverage platforms like Google Analytics, Tableau, CRM data dashboards and reports, email data, cold data, get all the analytics in the world that you need, so that you can figure out what can I A/B test? What can I change? What am I doing that increases our results? How can I continue to capitalize on that? What are the strategies that I’m leveraging that staved my organization and my pipeline and my sales, my income and my commissions flat? And lastly, looking at the data to analyze why am I trending down? Week over week, month over month? What can I try to change or do or A/B test to improve my results? You can’t change your habits. You can’t change your results. You can’t change your bank account. If you’re not looking and tracking the data every single day of the week.

Look, there are only 265 sales days in a year. You have to make every single one of them count. Every single one of them is so valuable. For example, if I wanted to build a $100 million company that means I need to generate $32,000 in monthly recurring revenue a day, given the number of sales days. You got to know your numbers you got to know your data, to figure out where you want to go and how you want to achieve where you need to go every single day. Break down the requirements of your sales goal of your income goal of your company goal by day and then do the activity every day to hit that.

Lastly, with all this technology, you know, the second secret leveraging technology to maximize your sales. Use all of this technology to automate as much of the work as possible, to integrate as much of the work as possible, to maximize as much of the sales, the marketing and the entrepreneurship work as possible. It is absolutely necessary to have a sales tech stack. The old way, you could do it like me when I was selling for IBM and Google and building my own company during the financial crisis, doing Google searches and leveraging old databases and excel sheets and dialing one by one. Or you do it the new way, I’m going to leverage every single AI and future technology out there so I could do real time searching, get everyone’s contact info, have smart workflow automation, execute multi-channel campaigns help me analyze how I can improve my pitches and my calls and my sales results. So that in real time instead of only generating let’s just say a million dollars in quota now leveraging the future revenue technology, I could generate 2 million or 3 million or 4 million. That’s the power and the future technology that we’re leveraging in this decade, in this year of 2022. All this technology is only going to help you sell more, do more, be more, and achieve more. And that’s the goal of all of these platforms. That’s the goal of great leaders. And that’s a great goal. That’s the massive goal of all of these technology providers. How can we help you do more, be more, achieve more to accomplish all of your goals and dreams?

The last secret to leveraging the future of revenue technology to make this next year your biggest and best yet to generate millions in sales insanely fast is activity. If you are not maximizing your activity, the amount of work that you’re putting in, you will not be successful. I’m going to go over different categories. For example lists. Let’s go over lists. I already mentioned your wellness away from achieving your goals and dreams. You know, many of you already know the riches are in the niches so then it’s all about how can you build lists more or less than your competitors than your peers have leads in your industry niches in your account niches in your contact niches. The people that build the largest lists and sell to those lists are the people that will find and close the most amount of opportunities. Next part of activity is about scripts. Like writing scripts every single day. Call scripts, email scripts, social scripts, value proposition scripts we help x do y and z while removing biggest pain one while removing biggest pain to while helping you achieve because desire one and biggest desire two. Constantly writing sales scripts at the top of the funnel the call scripts email scripts and social scripts. The value proposition scripts the opener scripts the call to actions, writing scripts on what motivates your buyers. What delivers the value to the buyers to book the appointment to buy the product. Writing the scripts on sales objections every single day. I’m not interested, no budget, it’s too expensive, already working with some with someone, call me back later, I’m not the right person, You need to talk to my boss, and unsubscribe, it’s too expensive, I’m already working with X, I’m already working with Y. There are only 10 to 15 sales objections that you will ever run into in any deal. Make sure you’ve got the scripts and you’re constantly writing and optimizing and memorizing and practicing the scripts and role playing all of this activity so that when you finally get connected to your dream buyer with a credit card ready to buy your products in hand. You know what to say and how to say it to get them to go from not on the calendar to on the calendar to them buying your products and services. So once you have the list, and you’ve got the scripts and you know everything that you need to say at any given point in time to win, then it’s all about the secret recipe for crushing your sales goals. It’s all about the activity. How can you continue to increase the outbound activity because once you have a list and once you have the scripts then it’s like I got to get to work. I got to make the calls. I got to make the emails, I got to do the social posts. I got to do the social connection requests. I got to do social messages. I got to book the meetings. I got to ship the proposals and the offers and I got to get as many close ones and as humanly possible. And then what you want to do with activity and your outbound sales activity to maximize your activity, right for this secret, you want to 3-5x your quota. So first you want to figure out okay, what is my quota let’s just say it’s a million dollars a year. Right? Okay. And then you want to take your quota and divide it by the number of sales days, 265 sales days. Then you want to figure out let’s just say the average deal size was $10,000. Okay, so that means I need 100 deals divided by 265. You know, that gives me the amount of deals I need to close per day, figure out the amount of deals you need to close per day to hit your annual quota. Then figure out okay, well how many leads do I need to book those appointments? How many calls do I need to make to book those appointments? How many emails do I need to send to book those appointments? What do I need to do every single day to hit my daily quota because micro wins lead to macro results. If you win every single day, that will create your long term compounding interest. So you got to track everything day by day. You got to track what you need to do every single day to maximize your success by measuring the number of days left, by measuring how many deals I need per day, leads I need per day calls, email, social touches, proposals sent, proposals signed every single day. And then what I’ve personally done to sell over a billion dollars in sales to build, you know, to raise over 100 million in venture capital to build a company worth over a billion dollars in four years was I would always multiply my quota by 3 to 5x. So, if my quota was given to me by my VP of sales, or my CEO was a million dollars, I would multiply it by three to five $3 million. $5 million isn’t the new quota then I would take the new three to 5x quota divide it by 265. And now I’ve got this massive activity target of calls, email, social touches, meetings, proposals, and signing deals that I need to hit every single day. Typically, I would use three or 5x And then guess what, I may miss the 5x number. And I’ll hit 2x. I’ll hit 3x. I’ll hit 4x. But because I multiplied my quota by three to 5x, I went insanely fast. I went in much further, much greater than I ever could if I had the quote at 1x. So what you want to do your outbound activity, take your quota, multiply it by three to 5x divided by the number of sales days, 265 sales days. Then figure out the calls, the emails, social touches, the meetings, the proposals, the closed one deals that you need every single day to hit that three to 5x quota and then put in the work because micro wins will lead to macro results. And if you put in the work every day, if you do the activity far greater than any of your peers than any of your competitors, than any of your industry thought leaders you will win. Just like we talked about in the mindset secret. Hustle beats talent when talent doesn’t hustle.

You do not need to be smart and sales. I was a B student throughout high school in college. Okay, well, yeah, now I’ve got a net worth over $100 million. Because I hustle because I put in the activity because I put in the work. Because I leverage these secrets that we’re talking about with you today. And I had an open mind, positive, coachable, hardworking, whatever it takes mindset to make this happen. So I’m going to wrap up this keynote presentation. The future revenue technology will change your life if you leverage revenue technology, with the right mindset. If you select the right technologies, and if you put in the right amount of activity. You can accomplish anything in this world you will make next year. Your biggest and best yet. I need you to apply. I implore you to apply what you learned throughout this entire event and go make it happen. And I’m so all in on your success. And my team is so all in on your success. We even created an award called the President’s Club Award. So this is a $1,000 award when you generate over a million dollars in sales. We’re gonna ship you this award. I want to see every single one of you attending this event when our President’s Club Award is a $1,000 award that was shipped to you when you generate over a million dollars in sales. Go to President’ President’s Club President’s Club awards .com.

Our mission here at seamless My mission is to help you and the world connect opportunity positively impact a billion people I know it’s positively impact a billion people. If I help all of you generate millions in sales insanely fast from my software, from my social media posts on LinkedIn or YouTube videos or our training or courses or a mastermind. You can accomplish anything if you have the three secrets that we covered: the right mindset, the right technology, and you put in the right amount of activity. You will be able to make this next year your biggest and best yet. We can’t wait to see all of you generate millions in sales this year. flood your calendar with back to back appointments on the hour every hour. leverage this event leverage this summit to learn as much as humanly possible. Write down the strategies, write down the secrets, record the secrets right? You know, document everything that you learned during this event. And let’s make 2022 Your biggest and best ever. Thank you again for attending. We can’t wait to hear about your success.

It’s your keynote speaker host Brandon Bornancin, CEO and founder here at Pick up any copies of my books. I’d love to help you with sales secrets with whatever it takes these role number one bestsellers or with seven figure social selling, also. Everyone attending jumped over here. Additionally, everyone attending I’d love to give you a free license to leverage the key word revtech as your bonus code when signing up, go to the world’s best sales leads I’m going to give you emails and phone numbers for everyone in the world they need to sell to go to join free today using the referral code revtech, one word and we’ve got a special gift for you hundreds of dollars in credits. We’re going to ensure that you have the right technology, the right support and the right expertise to make this extra your biggest and best yet thank you for tuning in. It’s your host Brandon Bornancin. Good luck, enjoy the event. And we’ll talk soon