$1M Question – How the F*$k Do You Activate Your Intent Data?


In this presentation, Jason Widup summarizes the distinct types of intent data and where each one comes from. He then shows viewers ways that they can improve their data activation strategies. Intent data is a powerful tool when used correctly and this presentation will help those who wish to use intent data effectively.


Jason Widup is the VP of Marketing of Metadata.io. Throughout his career, Jason has become experienced in Marketing Operations and Technology. He is well known for his MarTech knowledge.


“You’re getting activity so you’re obviously doing a lot of marketing and the data that you’re getting out of it, obviously you’re getting used as well and the data you have on that response, etc. That’s yours. You know what people like…”

Key Points

  1. Intent data is a powerful tool that can be acquired through various mediums 
  1. Activating intent data can lead to strong pipeline growth 


Hey, folks, Jason would appear VP of Marketing at metadata, I am able to talk all about all of this would appear via marketing metadata do we do with all of it? I am here. So you know attendee has been all the rage lately in the last four or five years. So you know, it has been all the rage lately but actually maybe last there’s not a lot better is to like beta but and so it’s not an easy ways to like grab data here so oftentimes when letter showing intent, what do I do is that like, okay, that’s what we’re gonna talk about today or some other showing in tech. See, I’ve got my data hat on. So I’m talking about this conversation. Let’s jump right in. You can see I’ve got my beta hat on. So I’m already ready for this conversation. Let’s jump. Right. Cool. So let’s talk about things like, what are the types of intent data that we can even use? Cool. So let’s talk about what are the types of differences you know, when you categorize this there’s really there’s party and two different types. You know, when you first bucket this and like stuff, you already have data that you have access to, it’s your own party, stuff, you want to not buy it if anybody would have access to my data. So this is data that you get from anybody you’re collecting yourself. This is also data that you get from your own website. For example, if you stick a tool like fire or lead feeder on our websites we can translate the address into a tool like to get the tire actually leads on our website so we can turn that IP address to the companies that are actually the specific person from that company. Sometimes we can even translate it so that we visit the website Oh, didn’t visit the pricing page. And then if you did, oh, these companies know my product page. These companies’ videos are totally understandable like, you know, how’s my product anything or you can start to really understand like, okay, leaving rotations I understand like the behaviors that companies that indicate research already have such a website. You can do research already. You’re getting activity so you’re obviously doing a lot of marketing and the data that you’re getting out of it, obviously you’re getting used as well and the data you have on that response, etc. That’s yours. You know what people like what attend at registration all this is no first session. And at all this is where they’re a little bit more clue. And finally, when you’re from like, where they’re at, or the products that you’re upselling cross selling customers in product you got so if you’re selling using these features, are you guys reaching their limit, or are they are they reaching kind of their low usage and the best package, third party data, that’s the most interesting stuff. And that’s really first party data is really third party data about more interesting stuff in the third party data is really the website data about your site, your data, if you think about the website of the first party data from you know, you already have the data then your rest of the first party data was already has the data. You’re already connected to those those web people so it’s like the first party third party that’s really were like the cold mainly the webcam, third party that’s really where I mean old, they might not even know you can find a cold in 1010 I mean, but not even know they’re researching a problem that you and your company, but and whatever resources are often thinking about data with a purchase. Thinking about third party data is often thinking like data. Think about that just from another vendor reviewing sites like jitsu web but you think about that based on sites like six web jobs that are based on trying to roll in sales. Or people hiring job sites. And then there’s a whole scrape your own data off of hiring someone there’s actually scrape your own data and sites. So this is really rich data, but the problem with it and black boxes like this is really too much data. The problem with this is it’s a black box, you go to like like more hours, except for you’re basically trusting that if you go to like sitting on top of your base for algorithms, and they’ve whatever sitting on top of content algorithms into like turtles around intent, you have to like contest consumption and they’ve got it right to like, let

I tell you they don’t have to, you have to, like try to get close, but it’s not the guy right? And let me tell you, they don’t. It’s not an exact science. And of course, we should all understand that. We’re trying to infer some data, though, which is a little more direct. So they’re attending a little more directly okay. So companies, somebody from this company there you actually know okay, you know, this company, somebody this company, my category or my competitors, you know, which type my category types or my can be companies you actually know. And then you can you know, those visit types configure around that to address then you can move visited my page on video programs around me with, you know, people versus my page on YouTube versus compared me and also it’s not in category versus visit people go to jitsu to research and also it’s not inferring like to research technological go to jitsu to research and like to direct intent in my mind so you don’t really go to G to that is direct intent learn about a new dough, you know, to chew or to their content on how to learn about a new discipline. You know, you don’t go to jumps for their content on how to be a marketer. Sorry for reviews but you don’t always go to GE to review, crowdsource, that’s my favorite instead of data that anybody wants to know actually, no, that’s my favorite intent data. That’s my favorite intent data, if anybody wants to know actually not my intent data is the data that I scraped and purchased. Data is definitely my favorite. I’ve used them all. Purchase data is definitely Jeetu. They’ll talk a little bit of my scraping your own data because this is actually where you can get he’ll talk a little bit in your own data because this is where you get to see it. So benefit I’m not gonna spill my leg up over on how I do so let’s just say that I’m not going to spill my what we’re looking for and how I do this, but let’s just say they’re fat, you know, or ICP what we’re looking for how much one of the major ones or IC heyde social, how much a company that’s not a metric. I can go social or if I can, I don’t know about us. That’s not a metric by Can I go by or if I can I don’t know about somebody listening to this tell me working on by apps now that’s money people spend on LinkedIn we all know there’s ways we can get to add to that page on Facebook and on we all know there’s we can actually wait two companies can actually connect all the aggregate to a screen in there and we can actually see also ads that’s a great source of data for me it doesn’t tell me how my spending but it’s a good that’s a great source of data for me it doesn’t tell me I’m gonna have a good name, but it’s a good thing. I know AdMob Ads on LinkedIn and they’re probably gonna sell them on why no ads on LinkedIn and Facebook. I don’t want cool All right, I don’t want to how we usually cool all right I’m gonna ask about how to activate and want to target about from we take this intent data and create can also target is important is personalizing those campaigns to because you know, they have intent so you can also what’s important here is your campaign stupid attempts so you kind of want to try to go to G to your normal one. This is what I go to the screen to try to log in and make a couple selections I’ve seen where I might go back shins. Can I hit done you know the time range that I want to get the detent data to go back to now I’ve got no accounts in Google. Alright, great. A list of domain name counts in the base sheet as you know they visited the page. What was it you know, got some of that they visited the GT page. What was it that got some of that let me go take this list of accounts and let me go load those into LinkedIn. And upload those to the trade desk upload though and then after I’m done uploading and matching and then after I’m done uploading those accounts plans. I’m gonna go in here on my timeframe from you know, from those times, guess what, I got to go in and I got to layer on my personal Morrow the data and then guess what, right I’m already you know, I mean, in 10 days, 90 days, not really stale, right. I’m already complete 90 days of intense but the truth is that you know, either manually download, upload, so it’s not changed, it changes every no I had to manually manually upload so it’s not changing the day, every hour today. I have actually a couple hours you can download today and they have the new from his location if I do it this way and I want to be if I always want to count for people when there’s just this way and I want to be I gotta be right all your account for people when they’re not showing you.

I gotta be there every single day to get there or else. I’m in here doing this every single day paying somebody to do it every single day, which is not instead you just energy to data integrated into Oh, instead of data. You just had your data integrated into a metadata metadata. You know, we have all these audience building capabilities and activation out in metadata. You know, we have all these audiences via the trade desk and Google Ads, the Sony camera or the paid social channels and the trade desk and metadata. You then lay on the additional thing. So metadata sees the in metadata domain, you then layer on the additional thing so metadata sees metadata. I can then layer on donations. From graphic stuff. I can then layer on additional criteria. When I’m looking for my graphics, once you know where they are located or the title I’m looking for, and what’s their data. Yeah, whether or not works is automatically injecting addresses into each again, that data is just based on how it works and audiences in each of these, optimizing those campaigns for revenue but with handling campaign every single 24 hours optimizing those mandated revenue feed account is every hearing all our personas again it is taking a reinjected back and layering on so the scandal re injecting that audience back you know these channels so every cell day, your campaign targeting is running the most recent than 10 signals your campaigns exactly what you want is running again and this is how I’m able to intense that’s exactly what you want. And I’m able to form flight attendants in 24 hours and start getting on petition campaigns. I’ll take a couple minutes to show you what it looks like inside of the platform. Oh, so I’ll take a couple minutes and show you what it looks like. Audiences screen and you can see we have so to get you started our audiences the differences using our data to audience to persona targets. The difference is using our data to link the duty to the personal target. I like to show this one because it’s pretty interesting link in so I click in here I’ve already integrated my I like to show this with my GT account over in the integration so I click in here I’ve already integrated my GT account over in the integrations tab I usually go 90 I think that’s a pretty can specify the number of days I want to attend signals from I usually go nine then pretty good if I’m worried that not everyone coming to Jeetu are then my if I’m worried that not everyone that are in my suite I target you know basically I can then it’s down to the industries that I’m interested in maybe I’m so target, you know, basically further segment this down to the industries that I’m in even more graphic segmentation, the number of employees I can just say a company from graphic segmentation, the number of employees and then as a tech company by name and the revenue streams just like normal revenue, and then then I can actually go with the Lian where are the revenue bands just like normal revenue bands, what are their job titles and then I can share with you a little bit of where are they over LinkedIn, we can either do exactly what our job titles and this is actually where we give a little bit fuzzy middle where you can just add demand, mix and match we’re gonna you know, Matt is gonna go out and find more fuzzy match on Demand Jam and we’re gonna meditate is gonna find temporaries you’re kind of saying standard stuff and like new job functions and you want to create groups, all the kind of same standard dynamic audience, which is audio ours, you can see the dynamics of dynamic audio and when you hit every 24 hours, these cams around when you touch this audience and who when you attach metadata campaigns cam or your audience to actually your metadata account in our demo account, which I won’t show you because this is my new my basically assign this audience to ad campaigns. That means that when your campaign is run as an audience, when your campaigns that can be most campaigns running every day, there’s a lot you’re getting every day. It is best to say well, what if I don’t have to tune into intent signals that you’re getting? Okay. There’s other ways of doing what if I don’t have to, we also have a direct integration Bombora which is other ways of doing it. So if you have a Bombora we also have a direct leader lumborum 10, which is nice. So if you have a barley or unchosen, you’ll see all the 10 people again, right and you can just stare at your finances. And you’ll see all for example, you here, Bora, and you can just start from start there, for example topics. So I can just go in here and say I’ll start there. These are the topics I don’t remember. And now I can layer in. I can just go in here and start there. And now I can layer in or from the graphics. I’m trying to talk about pretty more demographics for the actual personas. But what if you don’t have one of these that automatically integrates? Like, we don’t have an integration to six? What if you don’t have one of these automatically integrated? The one I don’t have a direct integration to make sense, but six months has some amazing features and just integrates with Salesforce data. Great. So you basically just have to integrate with whatever’s first account. So

you can figure that out whatever have those sounds with the sales whatever to search for, you want to figure out success Yeah, Salesforce synced in with the Salesforce and then metadata actually can attach to it we say read every metadata actually can attach those accounts and you can read every county in Salesforce, it updates. Those account contacts in that report are updating in Salesforce. It updates the data and the contacts lap goes out to being that’s pretty much it to be it’s pretty easy, and it works really really well. So these campaigns are pretty easy. I just And it worked out really really well. So I have several campaigns that I just basically figured out like on the experimentation I ran, which were basically through experimentation already. 24 hour campaigns work better with the audience and they touch it in our background too. And nobody needs you if you want to do this on your own without metadata. If you want to do this on your own without metadata. There are I’m sure probably other ways I’m just so one day one way I know of is there are I’m sure with other ways of doing so. Recommendation with LinkedIn as well. So you can go into LinkedIn, or one of the Remember to go to an easy way to do that last date and that’ll be dynamic, but well, you can get way too additional like in that date and they’ll do dynamic, but you won’t get some of the additional like audience target really just trying to experimentation that you can do it on your own or really debate some of the other platforms. I’m not sure if you know if they do it on your own integration. Some of the other platforms I’m not sure if they have an actual direct integration with OG tubes or LinkedIn or Facebook, I could be wrong. I just you know, um, that’s all I have for today quite a bit. So that was helpful. I know a little bit of our product. That’s all I have for today, how helpful it was. I know I got into a little bit of our product but really how I was gonna use you know, showing you in 10 If you have any questions, my competition on LinkedIn people they’re showing you in 10 Have a great day. If you have any questions, connect to me on LinkedIn.