How to Optimize your B2B Funnel with 5 Tools- Jim Huffman


Jim Huffman goes over five tools that he has used to generate more revenue from the B2B funnels of some top organizations in the tech space. He talks about what tools to use, how he has seen success with them, and where to get started.


Jim Huffman is the CEO of GrowthHit, a growth marketing consultancy specializing in CRO. Jim has proven experience in growing startups, digital advertising, and marketing.


“So if you’re like, Okay, I’ve got traffic and a website, but how do I convert it? You could throw some best practices out there, maybe those will work, but instead was to the quantitative analysis and the qualitative analysis to get those insights to lead to the great ideas. And so to do that, you’ve got to have some tools…”

Key Points

  1. Preferences of users are more important than best practices 
  1. An interactive experience is preferable for customers 

Key Points

Alright, super excited to be at the revtech summit this year. and this is what we’re going to talk about today how to optimize your b2b funnel with five tools.And so I’ve run a growth marketing agency and here’s the actual tools we use when we’re trying to increase lead conversion demo conversion rate without having to spend more money on ads. So we’ll get into it. So I can give some background myself I’m Jim Huffman, CEO of GrowthHit. My background, grown to startups from idea to you know, eight figures. I wrote a book the growth marketers playbook and we have a podcast called if I was starting today, and I’ll, I’ll provide links to all this at the end.

Our agency, we just do a few things we do site optimization or CRO really try and create a funnel that converts we run paid acquisition and new marketing automation. We run over 4000 experiments. We’ve helped generate a quarter billion in sales by running these tests. So we love nerding out on this stuff. We kind of play at this intersection of you know, growth, marketing, UI, UX, and Creative Services. And so we’ve helped stand up growth programs for over 100 Different companies. So we’ve been lucky to work with some really cool b2b companies like you all, but let’s get to the meat of this and what we want to hit on today.

So if you’re like, Okay, I’ve got traffic and a website, but how do I convert it? You could throw some best practices out there, maybe those will work, but instead was to the quantitative analysis and the qualitative analysis to get those insights to lead to the great ideas. And so to do that, you’ve got to have some tools and so the tools we like our user brain, hot jar, copy, AI, video, ask, and even pipe drive with our follow up feature. So what we’ll get into this, and the ones that we like so to start, let’s kick it off with user brain.

User brain is great for getting feedback from real people. On your website where you can drive their experience. Now, this is a website that allows you to do user testing, they do have a nice free trial so you can kind of try before you buy. But to simply put out there it’s user testing. So I’d like to do is show you a quick example of how you can use this. So imagine you just updated your pricing page, and you’re so deep and you’re like I think this is great, but you need an outsider’s perspective. So a user brain allows you to do is set up this experiment where it’s like okay, I want to understand how people navigate interact. With our site to reveal possible conversion roadblocks in your journey with any website, there’s like three to seven reasons that stop people from converting. It could be price, confusion on how it works quality, or UI UX. And so as you’re setting up this test, you can choose a bucket of 10 15 20 50 people to survey and usually we like to do a balance of desktop and mobile to see both experiences. You can also do some filtering based on age, gender geography, just to get a feel for it. So with this client, it’s actually a SaaS product that goes after teachers and elementary schools and high school. So predominantly fail female over 35%. So we’ve created the demo within user brain.

Now we’ve got to create the questions because again, you’re going to show them how to navigate the experience. So this is a pricing page for you know, kind of an ed tech SaaS company. And I will read through all these but you outline the task like Okay, first, put themselves in the Persona, because these are just people off this tree you’re having do user testing. You want them to maybe go through the free trial. Maybe you want them to go to your lesson plan to understand it. And then finally go to the pricing page. And then after they can do all these tasks, you can have two closing questions to offer them.

And this is great because you’re having people go through the journey in which you believe that’s the right way to go. And you can start to see how they get feedback from it. Now let’s get this in the wild. Oh, and here’s the other great thing about user testing with user brain. They give you the recordings and what everybody does. So if you really want to nerd out and get into the details, you can do that. See their experience.

Now. This is what it looks like after you do the user testing you start to get some analysis and again, it’s important to break it down by not just you know, all in one, but desktop versus mobile. And here’s like an example of this pricing page that we solve. Well, first off, the good thing is there’s no real issues of people understanding pricing, because sometimes it can be very confusing. And we just added this big orange box on it and it was very clear that everybody got that. So good job for us.

Other thing is putting some sort of guarantees a new addition, we put this teacher reimbursement program, and people were impressed with that like that they thought it framed it as being risk free which was great. Also, they didn’t call out to 20,000 schools that use it as social proof. So this desktop experience is going well. But now let’s go to mobile. We actually found that the review section was not you were able to view that unless you really scroll down which was frustrating for people. Also on mobile, there was a plan selected that was one of the more premium options. So that was a kind of a jarring experience for people when really we want to show that free trial. And similar desktop people did like the reimbursement plan and felt that it was approachable but just getting those insights on mobile versus desktop and things that they saw that we were not aware of were huge for kind of unlocking other opportunities we could have for increasing conversions with something like user brain, but I’m a big fan of use of brain for doing user testing.

Alright, let’s go to the second tool. This is hot jar. So Hydra allows you to use heat map scroll map session recordings, voice and customer surveys to get insights on what your existing traffic is doing, not just what they’re doing, why they’re doing it. So I want to call out kind of two simple features on hot jar that you’ll know about, I think really get underutilized. So we’ll get into that. So the first is, you know, doing the click maps doing the heat maps and the scrolling. So this is what’s another case study. This is a pricing page as well. And what we really wanted to understand is we have three tiers and we really need to know what people care about is their evaluating needs. And so what was nice we’re able to see that people are kind of going through this on desktop and mobile and what they care about. We can see that you know the basic one in a professional one are getting on equal action which is showing that it’s actually the quality of the audience, which is really nice. There is quite a bit of engagement on the explainer texts, which we see that that’s very important also could show that the headlines are a little generic and not giving enough information for what the person would want.

The other thing to call out is features you use or engage with the most or the compare features. So they start to go down here and they’re really starting to look at this with the features that get their attention around workflow automation, email sequences like integration with with a Google text deck. So that helps us see like what people actually care about. And then on mobile, we actually saw that people were really interested in the annual plan where we didn’t see that as much on desktop to make their own desktop but we didn’t have the actions to back that up. And that could be something that we test as we look at monthly pricing versus annual pricing.

So this was really helpful just to see like, wow, how are people engaging with it, the features they care about annual verse monthly pricing, and then when they’re scrolling up, click to the explainer videos or going to the search function, because we’re clearly not giving them something they need on this pricing page. Another thing as you’re doing these long pages is you really want to look at scroll depth to make sure you know all this hard work the copywriters and designers are doing is paying off when people are actually looking at it and what was nice is you know you know, we’re 31% of you are going down towards the kind of integration section on desktop and on mobile. So there’s no real issues with scroll depth, especially when you want people to start comparing, if anything, it could be how we prioritize the order of these so the more important things are higher up and we can do that based off of clicks and based off of engagement.

And so this is something just to do a check on. You know how long your pages are because I think a lot of people can get a little scroll happy with the pages they design when they throw everything in the kitchen sink on it.

The last thing I want to hit on with hot jar is a feature they have that I think is a little overlooked. And so from copywriting perspective, this is hands down my favorite feature and it’s their voice of PSAs sorry, Voice of Customer excellent poll. And what this really allows you to do is let’s say you have a conversion rate for leads on your site of 5%. And that’s fantastic. But that means 95% of your traffic is not converting why are they not converting? So like I said before, there’s three to seven reasons why people don’t convert, but we need to know what those are. So what this allows you to do is do this exit intent pop just on desktop note on mobile, or someone scrolling up, you can pop it up and one thing that’s really important is to keep this as an open form. Don’t start with multiple choice because that assumes you know why people aren’t converting and the language is also very important. What if anything prevented you from getting started today and let them fill this out.

Now your conversion rate on this isn’t going to be high, but the feedback you get is very insightful. Once you get over 100 responses, you could do a work that and people might ride in like too expensive. Or confused on how it works or do you have a free trial or didn’t see a free trial. So once you get this feedback that can be really helpful to see what people care about and understand the pain points. And you can even use some of that language in your marketing copy as you see all these points of friction.

So here’s an example of how it looks on a website. This is a platform where once it goes away, this would pop up. You start to get those responses but yeah, some of my favorite features with with Hotjar.

Alright, the third tool this is a really fun one copy AI it’s a lot of pressure as a marketer to have to write copy. Let’s use artificial intelligence to write that copy for you. So what’s nice is copy AI has some free tools. And this one is actually a landing page hero text tool. So what you can do is you can put the name of your brand in there a description of what you do, and then you can actually choose the tone you can go friendly, relaxed professional. So this one will go accessibility on this one. By putting growth in I said a marketing agency that helps b2b companies increase their sales by by optimizing a website pricing pages and lead forms. So let’s see what happens when you hit Create copy. It starts to generate it. And check this out. gives you options on different things you could use in that hero section. So get more leads today six years 500 million sales one secret grow your sales, not your costs, make your MC we make websites as pretty as you this goes on and on and on. And you can actually save these as ones that you like nd if you don’t like it, you can keep having it do it over and over again to give you more options and based on the ones you’d like you can get smarter and smarter, better better.

Now this tool won’t replace your copywriters they’re still gonna have a job to sell the job. If anything, it allows you to be more efficient and almost gives you like a writing assistant. Because I think editing is easier than writing and this tool allows you to do that.

Alright, go to the next tool that I’m really excited about this is video ask. Now a lot of us have forms on our website where you have to type in something but what video ask is done. By the way turn by type form. It makes it much more visual and interactive. So it allows us to to put an actual video on your website where you ask the questions and people can answer within the video. So I’d like to show you a few ways that works. So this is the future which is a UI UX design kind of course for like b2c companies. And look what they’re doing. This is their homepage and right here in the hero section. They have shot courses, but he actually “entrepreneur here to teach people how to make a living doing what they love. What can I help you with?”

So he’s literally having yourself select your persona. And based off of that, ask you another question. This goes on and on. So instead of having some long, boring form, it’s this indie interactive video experience, where you’re actually able to feel like you’re talking to somebody. So if you actually have people that are the face of your brand or you have a sales team that are really engaging, this could be an advantage that you could use.I’ve also seen this done on the Contact Us page when you’re trying to filter the types of questions that people have. This way you can put a little more personalized and like human touch to it. So people just aren’t inundated you with angry customer support queries. Okay, that was video asked.

And now the final tool. This one it’s more of an integration and it’s pipe drive. And what I like about the pipe drive CRM is that they have some features that allow you to really bridge the gap between marketing and sales. So show you like this is our site growth that you come here, like yeah, we’ll do a strategy call. You go to type form, and you start to answer questions. And now as you answer these questions, it’s like wow, we have to intake this and we’d have to mainly figure out a way of okay, is this the right fit for us or not the right fit for us? What Pipedrive allows you to do is take these integrations from type form or any form and based on a certain input, you can customize that response. So for us, let me show you the most important one, once you answer the question of your budget, so if you have under a budget of under 500 per month, it just doesn’t make sense to work with us. And so, what we can do is I’m now in Pipedrive they have these email templates actually. Let me show you that email templates here. So you can be like, Okay, I’ll make a custom template manage templates here. If you have under 5500 You’re gonna get this custom response that can be personalized. It’s like hey, sorry, we’d love to work with you. But unfortunately, our budget started this and that we can give them some other free resources if they like it.

But what if they do have a budget that’s over that? Then what we can do is we’re able to do a different email sequence. It’s like, hey, that’s fantastic. Here are some questions that we have. And by the way, you can book a call right here with our calendar, but what’s really nice is this allows you to first off seamlessly connect, marketing and sales, but it automates the process. So there isn’t a person has to be involved to curate if you’re the right fit or not. And then you could kind of open it up to human error. But those are the five tools that that I’m really obsessed with right now, when it comes to try to optimize your site or even to make it more efficient.

So use your brain for doing user testing Hotjar for knowing not just what’s happening or website why it’s happening, Copy AI if you want to supercharge your copywriting video ask if you want to make forms and a little more engaging and finally, the pipe drive follow up feature that bridges marketing and sales.

 So I really hope you all thought this was helpful. I have a few things I’d like to add Yeah, I’m just If you guys ever need anything, we’ve got the podcast if I was starting today, wrote a book the growth markers playbook. It was number one on Amazon for all 48 hours until Seth Godin crushed it. And then our agency is growth. But thank you guys so much and I hope you enjoy the rest of the summit. Thank you.