Driving Sales Productivity- Mario Martinez Jr.


In this presentation, Mario Martinez talks about breaking through the noise to get to a buyer. Mario goes through a messaging framework that will make prospecting feel less monotonous for both salespeople and prospective buyers. Buyers are tired of receiving spam from salespeople, and this presentation provides some solutions to that problem.


Mario Martinez Jr. is the CEO and Founder of Vengreso. The purpose of Vengreso is to improve the sales experience for sellers and the buying process for customers. Mario’s goal is to help sales teams prospect better and sell more.


“In today’s digital era, buyers are being inundated with more and more information than ever before. Emails are up by 4.2 million more emails online virtual events are up by over 1,000% advertising up by over 30% and you name it, it continues to get more polluted and more polluted with our buyer.”

“The best approach you want it to be hyper personalized, less than 111 words. And make sure you include a call to action.”

Key Points

  1. Personalize messaging to the individual 
  1. Understand the pain that your solution alleviates (create value) 
  1. Introduce a call to action 


Hi, I’m Mario Martinez Jr, CEO and founder of red pill and I’m super excited to be spending this time with you today. Follow me and let’s get started with this particular discussion. In this particular session, we’re going to spend some time talking about a guide to messaging and how you can use this messaging to help save you an hour a day by using a productivity tool. So I’m going to take you through multiple items today to take good notes. And by the way, you’re going to love this resale productivity tool that we’ll talk about in just a moment. Let’s get started. One of the big challenges that sales reps are experiencing today is the fact that they are so dissatisfied with their current prospecting results. Why? What is some of the challenges that we’re faced with? Well, in today’s digital era, fires are being inundated with more and more information than ever before. Emails are up by 4.2 million more emails online virtual events are up by over 1,000% advertising up by over 30% and you name it, it continues to get more polluted and more polluted with our buyer. Digital pollution is a real problem. So how do you break through the noise? Certainly, the messages you see here on the screen. This is Bob is a tenure salesperson, and in times past, we would wrap the well read email all about our product, and we would do a product dump. Now I would argue that that was never a good idea but now even more today, it is absolutely far worse in terms of the results than ever has been before in the past. And what we’re seeing today by sales reps is you are reaching out and you aren’t doing product features. Don’t. You are not taking the time to become interest said in order for you to be interesting. And this is happening at all levels of the sales organization. Not just new folks, but tenured individuals as well that are trying to break through the noise. . So how do we address that problem? Well, we can use what’s called the PVC sales methodology is a messaging framework that we teach here at Bing gresso to all of our students, and it’s a three part there’s a P V and a C. Now on the PVC sales methodology, the P stands for personalizing, this is Uber important in order to be able to reach today’s target buyer need to learn how to personalize our message to the actual individual, something that they’ve posted about something that their company’s talking about personal news and industry insights that will capture their attention. One example is one of our sales reps recently saw posts from four months ago and one of our target buyers who specifically identified that he as an individual was a super sci fi Geek on LinkedIn and utilize that as an opening line. The buyer wrote back where did you see this information from not mad? I want to know how do you what makes you think I’m a Psy D well, he showed him the link and voila, there you go. That’s how he was able to book that appointment. The second part of personalizing, if we don’t have the ability to personalized to the individual, hyper personalized to the individual. We want to think about how to personalize to the persona and this is thinking about the buyer pain that we saw, and specifically focusing in on that. I’ll show you what I mean by that in just a moment when we get to the actual sample messaging. In addition, what you want to be thinking about only is second part and that’s how do I bring value now the V for value means that you need to understand the pain that you specifically solve. And in addition, you want to use content to be able to address that pain. It might be as an example, that you’re sharing a webinar or a blog or an e book, a video, something of that nature that helps bring value to the buyer on the journey that they’re on to solve the specific problem that your product or service delivers on. And then finally, the third part to the messaging framework is have a CTA, the call to action. And this is where you’re going to ask a question to solicit the response. Then you’re going to ask for their opinion, or you’re going to ask, invite them to an event. Or you can ask for a meeting. Yes, asking for a meeting is a CTA. But hey, it’s not always the right move to make when addressing the specific buyer. So PVC, personalized ring value, have a call to action. You can utilize the methodology on an email on an InMail on a text message on a phone call. just about anywhere that you can engage with that particular buyer this is what we call the PVC now let’s put it into practice. How do you create an actual message? Well, there are two sides of this point. There’s the best approach and there’s the acceptable approach. And the best approach you want it to be hyper personalized, less than 111 words. And make sure you include a call to action. What’s that 111 word? While the average time that adult spends on a digital task is 40 seconds. You got to think about how much time am I going to have for this particular buyer to be able to allocate my message that usually can be done in less than 111 words. And less than 40 seconds. But hey, I know firsthand how hard it is to be able to send a message off to a buyer that’s 100 words. So we always tell our students is if you can’t hit the 111 threshold, a minimum threshold, a maximum threshold will be 150 words. That’s the acceptable side of things. So you can personalize to the individual persona in case you can’t hyper personalized to the individual fire. But the maximum that you want to be going after is 150 words. Now let’s put it all together. What does that look like? Alright, here’s an actual template. And don’t worry this template you’ll be able to have access to as soon as we get to the demonstration part. Now you’ll notice here that I started out with my prospects first name Mario here or your first name. And here is the sentence where you insert a personalized, hyper personalized sentence. For example, you might actually look at their LinkedIn profile and leaving speak a foreign language. What I would do is I would go out to Google Translate, create a sentence in that in their native tongue or that whatever the foreign languages or even the subject line and use it to translate and then in that first sentence say, Hey, I try my best to be able to translate it I hope it means what it is that I think it’s saying. Now that will show your buyers that you definitely took the time to know them, show them that you know them. The next part is where you get into the the buyer persona paint so you can’t hyper personalized to the individual then you want to be thinking about the next one where you might say the majority of sales leaders that I speak to have two common problems that they’re trying to solve number one, they want to be able to book more meetings. Number two, they want to be able to grow the sales pipeline. Now you’re speaking my language if you if I’m a sales leader and I’m sending a message for them. Now I would say directly below is a resource that just helps your peers address these problems or this problem. It’s a blog, a white paper ebook, where it answers the question and then you would insert the the question that that particular ebook answers now that’s the value part of the PVC methodology makes sure you lead with your to your solution with value. Now you can go to the CTA part, and this is where you say May I suggest a 30 minute meeting where I can share additional insights on how other companies are solving these problems. You can start out there use that and you would close that up with I’m available on two weeks out, three weeks out, four weeks out at nine one and four. Why? Well, if you’re calling on the C suite nine one and four, you want to be able to figure out whether they have vendor meetings where their admin meetings, and more importantly, two, three and four weeks out, hey, no executive is meeting this week on Thursday, by the way as to be able to have a meeting unless they have a pressing problem that they’re trying to solve and you just happen to call or email at the right time. Most executives scheduled and built out at least two weeks. So that’s how you do it. The pain the B and the C this entire message is actually captured inside of an amazing tool that will help you be able to take your sales messaging and increase your sales productivity. By an hour per day. That’s right an hour per day. What I want you to do right now is I want you to bounce out and I want you to go to fly message.io ly message msg.io And when you get there, you’re gonna want to install this free chrome extension and download that and you’ll be able to find the actual polls, messaging templates to be able to the one that I just showed you to be able to use with your buyers and prospects to be able to elicit a response. Now what I’m going to do right now is show you what my message does so follow me while I go show you that demo was always a heck of a lot easier my message can do was always a heck of a lot easier to show individuals. What fly message can do together. So let me show you this particular demonstration here. Now I am going to type in a phrase called Book meeting. Watch what happens on my screen when I type in book meeting, book meeting and voila magic. It continues to be built out the message that I’ve got pre programmed. Now I want to use that PVC sales messaging framework or that message that I tweeted earlier. Watch this. I’m going to type in Dash hold template and Bada bing bada boom, you’ve got the whole entire message template right there that we just showed you for the PVC sales methodology. Now you might be saying, well, can you use it anywhere on the web? Yes. In fact, when you’re prospecting on LinkedIn, here’s another place. I’m looking at Viveka von Rosen, one of my co founders here at the reso. And I’m going to type in the same exact thing. Watch this. I’m going to type in book, a meeting. And voila, it just builds out I hit send. And that’s how quickly I can be able to create messaging and send messaging on that I have pre programmed pre scripted and avoid having to leverage OneNote, Evernote, Google Docs, draft, email, Microsoft Word, notebook, notepad, any of those things. And the other cool part is guess what? It also works on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. So I’ll show you right here. If I build out a message here on LinkedIn Sales Navigator and here it comes up right. So I’m going to type in the phrase, a meeting, or call template, dash bowl template, and voila, and all I have to do it then. And now. Well, in this case, I would no need to fill out the information of course inside there as part of the template but you can see that I’ve got this message already built out. This is the power of why message by message will take and store all of your templates. So here it is the product, you can actually categorize your what’s called Fly cut right inside of here. So you could have marketing messages. You could have prospecting messages, back making templates, triggerman someone says Happy birthday or happy anniversary or happy job change as an example, welcome messages welcoming new connections on LinkedIn. You can organize them all inside a fly message right inside of here. And what you can also do inside of here with this particular message is you can add in cool thing like as an example, right here. Let’s take this five star messaging, my flight guide or my snippet and you would add dash five star and I’ve got this whole message inside here. Now I’m going to delete this photo that I’ve done inside here. And as soon as I delete you can see right down here that it’s saving. I’ve already got a blog from Arvind ressa.com blog. I’m just going to copy this image right inside of here. Come to fly message and I’m going to hit Ctrl V for pasting and Bada bing bada boom. Now let’s test this to see if it works on Rich Text Format, a place like Gmail. So I’m going to use the fly cut dash five star right inside of the test here, dash five star and there goes the actual image is included inside there. Also, if I wanted to use this in a simple text format, that places like LinkedIn messaging, watch what happened. Dash five star and you can see right there we’ve taken and we’ve converted automatically that image into a URL where does it lead? I’ll show you we’re actually storing this image for you so that we can actually pull up the image on platforms like LinkedIn. That’s pretty cool, right? Well, that’s why message and it has the ability to save you up an hour per day. That’s right, an hour per day. You’re gonna want to make sure that you go out there and download fly message.io That fly msg.io and use that tool to store all of your messages to help you prospects better, sell more. And hey, we’ve got over 22 templates and with our modern sales Mastery program at more sales calls.com You can have access to over 70 different sales messaging scripts. We look forward to seeing you on the other side and thanks for joining me today. Take care