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Relaunching ABM as ABE to Drive Alignment

Demand Gen Summit Spring 2024

Olga Karanikos and Sabih Ahmed discuss launching account-based marketing as account-based engagement to drive alignment.

Key Points

  • Alignment between sales and marketing is crucial, as is obtaining support from top management. A unified strategy that has the full backing of the sales, marketing, and customer service teams as a single revenue unit can be a game changer.
  • The most effective approach to running ads may not be to generate leads, but to spark interest in accounts and build the brand through storytelling and educational content.
  • If you're new to Account-Based Marketing (ABM), you don't need an extensive tech stack to implement a strategy, but you do need to understand your customers. Therefore, invest in customer insights, develop buyer personas, and create a content strategy tailored to those personas.

About the Speakers:

Headshot of Olga Karnikos

Olga Karanikos


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Olga is the Chief Marketing Officer at SalesScreen, the #1 sales gamification solution as rated by G2, which helps sales leaders motivate their reps to goal. She is a people first leader with over 15 years of marketing experience in tech companies. Olga believes marketing should be at the forefront of driving revenue through the combo of multi-channel integrated strategies and effective cross-functional team collaboration.

Headshot of Sabih Ahmed

Sabih Ahmed

Director of Demand Generation

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Sabih Ahmed, Director of Demand Generation at Salescsreen, is a digital marketing expert with 13+ years of experience. He specializes in performance marketing and advocates for specialization in one's career. With a finance background, Sabih thrives on data-driven strategies, managing $250M+ in media spend and contributing to hypergrowth for various companies. His core competencies include strategic planning, attention to detail, and effective leadership. Sabih is passionate about connecting with others to exchange ideas and experiences in the ever-evolving world of marketing.

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