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Quick Marketing Wins to Fast Growth

Demand Gen Summit Spring 2024

Neeti Patel addresses the importance of finding quick wins throughout a successful marketing strategy.

Key Points

  • Opportunities to improve performance in the typical B2B funnel usually fall into one of two categories: process improvements (such as leaks in the funnel) or marketing tactics (such as lead nurture, persona-based content, case studies, and sales enablement materials).
  • If your lead-to-MQL conversion rate is too low, it could mean that you're bringing in poor-quality leads or losing leads because you're not maintaining their interest. If your MQL-to-SQL conversion rate is too high, you may be restricting which leads enter the funnel, or your incentives may be misaligned. Benchmarking these conversion rates can offer some low-hanging opportunities to improve overall growth.
  • The marketing maturity analysis is a simple exercise that provides powerful insights. It’s designed to qualitatively evaluate what direct competitors are doing across core marketing areas and assign a scale of one to five.

About the Speaker:

Headshot of Neeti Patel

Neeti Patel

CEO & Consultant

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Neeti is Founder & CEO of Mosaic Growth Solutions, a company focused on empowering CEOs and investors to unlock scalable, predictable growth through a well-coordinated marketing strategy. Leveraging years of marketing acumen, go-to-market expertise, and extensive experience acting as a fractional CMO across dozens of PE-backed B2B software companies, Neeti has a proven track record of delivering measurable impact with speed and efficiency.

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