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Metrics for Successful Demand Generation

Demand Gen Summit Spring 2024

Joe Martin discusses the importance of tracking core metrics and the need for consistency in any successful marketing strategy.

Key Points

  • Three core metrics are important for a marketer to track: marketing qualified leads, sales qualified leads, and pipeline or revenue. Customer quotes, reviews, and case studies are great for marketing campaigns and sales decks.
  • A successful marketing strategy requires consistency. Marketing, especially SEO, takes time, so plan on nine to 12 months of blogging and optimizing your website to match what people are searching for.
  • In today's digital age, marketing should be measurable. For small businesses, it's best to focus on their Google My Business profile, actively engage with reviews, have a Facebook business page, and maintain a small website presence. TikTok offers excellent algorithms and interesting niches. A self-created video could potentially go viral.
  • Ensure that your demand generation strategies are trackable and tailored to your target audience. Google provides numerous free tools that you can set up yourself, so take advantage of available resources and tutorials on platforms like YouTube.

About the Speaker:

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Joe Martin


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Joe Martin, is currently the CMO of Zight and is a strategic marketing leader with over 18 years of experience in customer-focused marketing. His expertise includes research, media buying, content creation, and brand strategy, driving revenue goals through data-driven insights. Joe has held key roles such as Scorpion's SVP of Marketing, Director of Marketing at Adobe, and GM, Chief Marketing Officer at CloudApp. He holds an Executive Degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Stanford University, complementing his Masters in Strategic Marketing from the University of Utah.

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