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Navigating the Trust Barrier: Effective Marketing Strategies For Skeptical IT Buyers

Demand Gen Summit Spring 2024

Dani Woolf discusses navigating the trust barrier and building effective marketing strategies for skeptical IT buyers.

Key Points

  • Despite consistent year-over-year recommendations to conduct customer research, many marketers and sales professionals still don’t understand why IT buyers are skeptical. We need to stop pushing for attention and put our audiences first. It is essential to understand what trust actually looks like to our customers and how to engage them, acquire them, and retain them.
  • IT buyers are skeptical about vendors because there are so many products out there, each backed by a mountain of marketing claims and heaps of technical information, including some fluff details. Therefore, IT buyers are trying to figure out which products actually deliver value for their specific situation.
  • In a survey given to Chief Information Security Officers, 85% of respondents said they want content that shows how they can create business outcomes, 36% said they want industry trends and benchmarks, and 12% said they wanted technical specs and features.

About the Speaker:

Headshot of Dani Woolf

Dani Woolf

Founder & CEO

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Dani is the Founder and CEO at Audience 1st, a modern customer research and growth strategy agency focused on customer obsessed, growth-stage cybersecurity companies. Dani has 10+ years of experience in the digital marketing and demand generation industry at companies including Cybersixgill, Guardicore, Cloudshare, and more.

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