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Importance of Multi-Channel Implementation

Demand Gen Summit Spring 2024

Lisa Farris discusses the value of multi-channel implementation, common challenges marketers are facing, and the importance of audience research.

Key Points

  • Marketers are facing a major challenge with paid ads. Strategies that have worked in the past are no longer successful, and drastic changes across conversion rates and CPCs make it difficult to test and experiment to improve their ROAS.
  • A Search Engine Land article highlighted Google search ad price manipulation, indicating the need to stay the course while recognizing that it may not fully resolve the issue. It's important to focus on search, adopt an omnichannel approach, and target specific vertical markets.
  • When you're caught up in the details of fixing or creating something, it's essential to step back and consider where your audience is spending their time.

About the Speaker:

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Lisa Farris


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Lisa is Chief Marketing Officer at Soundtrack Your Brand, music streaming for businesses. She is an accomplished Market Development and Digital Media Executive focused on innovation, execution, and leveraging technology to transform brand and consumer engagement. She has experience at The Recording Academy, MetricVision, RockmaniaLive, and more.

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