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Demand Generation: Navigating Tools, Ownership, and Strategic Insights

Demand Gen Summit Spring 2024

Our keynote speakers, Heather Zynczak and Dave Elkington, discuss navigating tools, ownership, and strategic insights in today's market. Zynczak explains, "It’s business as usual. You have to deal with all the typical stuff coming at you, but it’s just coming faster."

Key Points

  • The fundamental principles of go-to-market strategy remain the same; it's the methods that change. Although the pace of change is faster than ever, especially with the rise of AI, the foundational sales and marketing principles are a consistent pathway to success.
  • The integration of data and AI is rapidly expanding, yet sales and marketing professionals are facing challenges. Both sales representatives and marketers require accurate, high-quality data. AI cannot effectively utilize incorrect or incomplete data or content, so it is essential that the data is accurate.
  • Marketers should have a good understanding of the AI software and external data used in their processes. It's important to consider which language model a tool learns on and leverages before relying on it to generate content.

About the Speakers:

Headshot of Heather Zynczak

Heather Zynczak


AlphaSense company logo

Heather Zynczak has over 25 years of marketing and tech leadership. Currently she is the CMO at AlphaSense working with many companies in the S&P 500, including Google, Pfizer, and JP Morgan. Heather's career includes executive roles at major enterprise technology firms such as SAP and Oracle, as well as leadership positions at Silicon Valley startups. She currently serves on the board of directors for Thryv , D2L, and DemandBase.

She is an active mentor to other businesswomen and has founded Women@Pluralsight and Women@Domo. Additionally, she was named 1 of 30 Women to Watch and CXO of the Year by Utah Business magazine.

Headshot of Dave Elkington

Dave Elkington


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Dave Elkington is highly active in the business community and an entrepreneur with 20 years of success. Dave founded InsideSales.com, co-founder of Silicon Slopes and serves as a member of Utah Tech University’s board of trustees to name a few of his current activities.

Additionally, he teaches entrepreneurship at and sits on the computer science and CVLC advisory boards at BYU. He is an active investor, advisor, and board member of several other technology and healthcare start-ups. Dave has authored articles appearing in Harvard Business Review, MIT, Kellogg School of Management and Forbes as well as having appeared on TV networks such as CNBC, Nasdaq, Bloomberg, BBC and MSN.

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